My Name Is Ernest. I’m a Farm Cat and I Just Can’t Stop Massaging My Fluffy Friends

year ago

Animals from the Juggling Daises farm in Wisconsin have one more reason to be happy, apart from living in a beautiful place surrounded by their humans’ love. They have a personal massage therapist, and it’s not a vet who visits them every once in a while — it’s a barn cat named Ernest who lives together with his fluffy clients.

Here at Bright Side we were amazed by the unusual talent of Ernest, and we hope you’ll have some fun looking through these videos of massage sessions by this cute cat.

Juggling Daises farm is home for many lovely animals like pigs, cows, sheep, cats, and dogs. “Forever pets, never food” is the motto of the farm that we see in the heading of the blog run by the farm’s owner, Amy Zimmer.

In her blog Amy shares some funny and interesting moments from the farm’s life. Cute, hilarious, and unpredictable, all of the farm animals are real stars, but the one who always steals the show is a cat named Ernest. Ernest can’t spend a day without massaging his farm neighbors, and it looks like they enjoy it!

Amy posts the videos of Ernest’s massage sessions with sheep, pigs, and other animals, and adds funny captions in the name of Ernest and his “clients.” Here are some of her posts for you to enjoy and feel the warmth of Ernest’s paws!

“Ummm....I’ll pick Clementine.” Ernest

“Pigs make great pillows, but sheep are like an entire mattress!” Ernest

“Sassy, we are all done... I’ll be waiting in the hall with a glass of water. Take all the time you need before getting up.” Ernest

“That Mother of Dragons has met her match — I am King of Pigs!” Ernest

“Hey Mona, I found the breakfast you were saving for later... I’ll just clean this up for you while I’m here...” Ernest

Apart from giving some nice massage that often make his “clients” fall asleep, Ernest likes to have a nap on his friends too.

“I want to listen to your jokes, snuggle along the fence line, and talk about whatever.” Ernest

“It’s all in his technique. His slow easy nature puts me to sleep every time...Oh and his sweet little kisses...” Piglet Tulip

“Sunset massages, ear nibbles, kisses... I must be dreaming... wait.... I just woke up and this is for real!” Piglet Clementine

Who said cats and dogs don’t get along? Just look how selflessly Ernest is giving a massage to Edgar, the farm dog. And it looks like Edgar is enjoying the process.

“Go ahead and relax Edgar, I will get you some cucumber slices for your eyes in a minute.” Ernest

What do you think of Ernest’s unusual hobby? Do your pets ever give you a relaxing massage?


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