Nadia Comăneci Was the First Gymnast in Olympic History to Achieve a Perfect Score and What She’s Doing Now

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In the annals of Olympic history, one name stands out as a symbol of unparalleled excellence and achievement in gymnastics—Nadia Comăneci. The indelible mark she left on the world of sports was etched in 1976 when, at the tender age of 14, she became the first gymnast to achieve a perfect score in Olympic competition. Comăneci captivated the global audience with her flawless routines and groundbreaking performances, earning her a place in the pantheon of sporting legends.

Nadia started practicing gymnastics at a young age.

Nadia Comăneci’s journey into the world of gymnastics commenced at a remarkably young age. At just 6 or 7 years old, she began practicing gymnastics in her hometown. The fateful turn in her life occurred when her former coach, Béla Károlyi, ventured into her school in search of young talents for his gymnastic program.

In a moment that would shape her destiny, Károlyi posed a simple question to the girls, «Who can do a cartwheel?» Two eager young girls, including Nadia, promptly demonstrated their skills. Impressed, Károlyi initiated a conversation with the girls’ mothers, setting in motion the extraordinary journey of a gymnastics prodigy.

Nadia was the first with a perfect score.

Nadia Comăneci secured her place in Olympic history as the pioneering gymnast to achieve a perfect score, a milestone that remains etched in the collective memory. At the age of 13, she showcased her exceptional talents by clinching three gold and one silver medal at the 1975 European Championships in Skien, Norway, earning the esteemed title of ’Athlete of the Year’ from the Associated Press. However, it was her extraordinary performance at the 1976 Olympics that catapulted her into international stardom.

During her routine on the uneven bars, the 14-year-old Romanian prodigy executed a flawless 30-second display, leaving the world in awe. The judges, acknowledging the unparalleled perfection of her routine, awarded her the elusive perfect score of 10. This historic moment marked the first instance of a perfect 10 in the history of Olympic gymnastics competitions, with the initial scoreboard confusion reading ’1.00,’ adding an element of suspense and astonishment to Nadia Comăneci’s groundbreaking achievement.

At 18 Nadia Comăneci returned to the Olympics.

At the age of 18, Nadia Comăneci made a poignant return to the Olympics in 1980, marking a significant chapter in her gymnastics career. Returning as a seasoned athlete, she faced the challenges of competing at a more mature level. Unfortunately, an unexpected mistake occurred during her performance on the uneven bars, her signature event, where she fell to the ground, unable to maintain her grip.

Courtesy Everett Collection / East News

Nadia viewed it as a valuable learning experience, a moment of growth in her illustrious career. Despite the mishap, she secured 2 gold and 2 silver medals, showcasing her enduring skill and determination. Recognizing that the 1980 Olympics would be her final appearance on the grand stage, Nadia reflected on the fulfillment of her early aspirations and acknowledged that she had achieved what she set out to accomplish at a young age.

She married gymnast Bart Conner.


The serendipitous meeting of Bart Conner and Nadia Comăneci in 1976 on Bart’s birthday marked the beginning of a friendship that would endure and evolve over the years. After concluding his competitive career in gymnastics, Bart continued to engage in exhibition shows, showcasing the sport’s artistry and athleticism.

When Nadia arrived in the United States, Bart extended an invitation for her to join him in these shows, initially met with hesitation from Nadia. However, Bart’s persuasion triumphed, leading to the forging of a deep friendship. As they collaborated in the world of gymnastics exhibitions, their connection blossomed into a romantic relationship, eventually leading to marriage and the birth of their son. Nadia reflects on their shared background as gymnasts as a binding force that brought them together, cementing a lasting bond that extends beyond the realm of athletic pursuits.

Now the couple owns a gymnastics school.

Bart Conner and Nadia Comăneci have seamlessly transitioned from their illustrious gymnastics careers to a dynamic partnership in running the “Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy.” With an impressive enrollment of around 1,500 kids and a dedicated team of 30 or more coaches, the academy stands as a testament to their commitment to nurturing young talent in the sport.

AP / Associated Press / East News

Despite Nadia’s global fame eclipsing his own, Bart humorously acknowledges the common question of why the school isn’t named after the renowned gymnast herself. In good spirits, Bart concedes that they might attract more attention with Nadia’s name, but given the academy’s thriving success, they decided to keep the current name. The Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy stands as a testament to their shared passion for the sport and their dedication to fostering the next generation of gymnasts.

Step into the extraordinary journey of timeless beauty as we unveil the enchanting tale of a woman who captured the coveted title of Miss Universe many years ago and, at the remarkable age of 76, still radiates the ageless allure of someone half her age. In this captivating article, discover the secrets behind her age-defying grace, the wisdom she imparts on embracing life’s beauty.

Preview photo credit Olympics / Youtube, Courtesy Everett Collection / East News, AP / Associated Press / East News


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