Not a Single Tree Will Be Cut Down in Norway Anymore!

10 months ago

There is no doubt that we cannot get by in our lives without wood. This material is used in thousands of products that many people use every day. Unfortunately, a lot of these things, whether they are wood furniture or baked goods with palm oil, are responsible for large-scale tropical deforestation. The most affected are the forests of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. These extensive woods that once were the habitats for hundreds of living species are history today.

In a situation like this, some recent news came as a relief to all nature lovers: the Norwegian government will no longer buy products that are associated with tropical deforestation. This means that the parliament will no longer award government contracts to any company that cuts down and destroys forests.

Over the last few years, a number of companies have decided to stop the procurement of goods contributing to the destruction of the rainforest. However, until now, this has not been matched by similar commitments from governments.

Finally, they did it! Norway has become the first country in the world to commit to a zero deforestation policy. Starting from now, all products that are procured by the country will have to meet stringent requirements.

Norwegians have also called on other nations to do the same, specifically the UK and Germany.

After all, millions of people around the world depend on forests and protecting the ’Lungs of the Earth’ is the responsibility of all nations. Luckily, Norway is taking a first step in the right direction.

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