Paris Hilton Lavishly Celebrates 43rd Birthday, People Catch a Worrying Detail

4 months ago

The renowned TV personality, Paris Hilton, recently turned 43! She marked the occasion extravagantly, celebrating with her husband and baby boy in a private plane. Paris shared a bunch of photos of the sweet day, and one detail got many people talking.

A lavish birthday getaway.

Paris Hilton, accompanied by her husband Carter Reum and their adorable son Phoenix Barron, embarked on a celebratory trip. Decorated with vibrant balloons, flowers, bottled drinks, and sweet treats, butterfly decorations, and luxurious accessories.

Paris cuddled her son Phoenix, capturing adorable snapshots against the backdrop of their snowy getaway. In another clip, Phoenix’s excitement was palpable as he indulged in cupcakes and enjoyed a playful pizza party with his mom.

Someone missing in the celebration caught people’s attention.

While the comments on Paris’ post were flooded with birthday and well wishes from fans in no time, many pointed out how Paris seems to be happily cuddling with baby Phoenix on the plane but her newborn daughter London is nowhere to be seen.

“Why do you post pics of only Phoenix but not London? Just wondering,” commented a fan on her post, and hundreds of people agreed in the thread. Many fans contemplated the reason behind it. “Maybe she feels she’s too young yet,” guessed one. “Because some comments weren’t very nice towards baby P so maybe she’s anxious to put London out there,” wondered another.

Paris has been secretive about her baby girl from the start though she has been vocal about wanting a baby girl for years. You can read more about her daughter London here.


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