People Are Sharing Their Dogs’ Quirks, and They’re Totally Pawsome

3 years ago

There's not a single dog owner who hasn't experienced their pets' crazy, quirky phases or random behavior. Thankfully, for the sake of humanity, a lot of dog owners managed to capture these moments on camera.

Bright Side absolutely accepts and encourages this silly doggie behavior, and it would be uncharacteristically selfish of us if we didn't share these 16 photos with you.

16. Is that a turkey or a dog?

15. This dog has real superpowers.

14. The dog version of The Thinker

13. "Say cheese!"

12. Dogs can sit on walls!

11. Little pup dreaming about hugging you...

10. When your man is sleeping, but you want his attention:

9. How we all look waiting for the Happy Birthday song to end so we can eat the cake:

8. A gracious ballerina

7. Lady and the Tramp in real life!

6. Another gravity-defying dog

5. Maximum comfort while getting fed

4. To catch a squirrel, one must become a squirrel.

3. "Peek-a-boo!"

2. "What do you mean there's no more food?"

1. Someone has been taking yoga lessons!

We could never get tired of looking at pictures of adorable pups doing pup things! Do you have pictures of your dogs acting all funny and wacky? Please don't keep them to yourselves, sharing is caring!

Preview photo credit maui_thegoldenpup / instagram


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Why do dogs prefer to "sit" on the walls, rather than sit on the floor? ;D
This is hilarious


#1 I think this dog broke! We need a good boy specialist here ?


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