People Can’t Stop Commenting on China’s New Train Station Design

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Recently, the suggested design of a train station in the Chinese city of Nanjing has attracted the attention of a massive amount of internet users — for all the bizarre reasons. Authorities claim the design of the North Nanjing station takes inspiration from plum blossoms, which the city is famous for. But many people are already pointing out its resemblance to something rather different, and the comments appear endlessly, with users expressing their own visual perception of the architectural construction.

The image has generated millions of views and comments across various social media platforms.

The proposed design of a train station in the Chinese city of Nanjing has become an internet sensation due to a very bizarre reason.

While it was inspired by plum blossoms, people see the resemblance to a rather different object - a sanitary pad.

"This is a giant sanitary pad. It's embarrassing to say it looks like a plum blossom," said one comment on social media site Weibo.

The topic has already provoked millions of reactions across social media platforms.

"Why can we all tell it is a sanitary pad immediately, but the architects can't?" one Weibo user said.

"I think we should take this chance to call for society to pay attention to period shaming. This design is ahead of its time," another user suggested.

The construction of the station is to begin very soon.

According to state-owned newspaper Nanjing Daily, the so much discussed design was approved by the government of Jiangsu province and China State Railway Group.

Construction is due to begin in the first half of 2024, according to local media.

According to a report by news site the Nanjing Morning News, the train station will cost some 20 billion Chinese yuan ($2.7bn; £, and will take a total area of 37.6 square kilometres (14 square miles).

This is not the first architecture project in China that has drawn unexpected attention.

The headquarters of state broadcaster CCTV in the capital Beijing is known to many in China as the «big boxer shorts» building, for its unique shape.

And here’s yet another invention from China that provoked many different reactions from people online and caused quite a stir.

Preview photo credit Nanjing China


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