People in Sweden Are Upgrading Their Hands, and It Makes Us a Little Scared

year ago

Many people in Sweden have been starting to get chipped since the spring of 2018. People get a chip surgically inserted between their thumb and index finger which then replaces all plastic cards, keys, and other things that people usually have to carry with them. And if last year around only 100 people had these chips, then now, according to Daily Mail, this number has risen to more than 4,000 people and it’s still growing.

We at Bright Side decided to find out what this chip is and what it does.

The main things about this chip:

  • It replaces all electronic wallets, bank cards, travel cards, and different key cards. You can use it to pay by simply touching a terminal with your hand.
  • It’s as small as a grain of rice.
  • Its price together with the procedure is $180. Some companies even offer this service to their employees.
  • It doesn’t have a GPS tracker, so a person cannot be tracked.
  • The chip only works if it is several inches away from the reader. So it’s not easy for this information to be stolen by criminals unless they somehow get the person’s hand.
  • It is passive so it only contains the information, but it can’t access any information from other devices.

In this video, you can see how it works. Scientists think that this device opens a door for the people from Sweden to the new digital age. Besides, it is really convenient.

How it looks (you can’t really see it):

If you press it, you can see this:

On x-ray

And here is the process of chipping (no blood):

This new invention has also been criticized by some people. Skeptics think that first of all, nobody can guarantee that the personal information contained in these chips will be confidential. Second, some people are sure that these chips will soon have GPS trackers in them. It’s quite possible that it will all start with big companies that will want to track the location of their employees. Otherwise (and this is a conspiracy theory) why would some companies provide this service for free. Big Brother Is Watching You.

Yes, we at Bright Side agree that this is a really convenient tool. Before, we had to get our big phone out of our pockets, find the Apple Pay or Google Pay app, or even worse, find a wallet in a bag that is easy to lose or a set of keys that weigh a lot. Now you can open any doors you need, buy food, clothes, and tickets with just one simple move.

Maybe, 5 years later, someone will read this article and laugh at such conservative views but the ethical side of this question still worries a lot of people. What is your opinion? Would you like to get this chip? Tell us in the comment section below.

Please note: This article was updated in February 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


Imagine if this was done AT BIRTH, worldwide(include a GPS tracker that is accessible ONLY by Police forces). It would ERADICATE kidnapping & child abduction.

Personally, I think it's a brilliant idea.
The whole "mark of the beast" thing people are afraid of has one huge flaw- it fails to take into account free will & agency. In order for anything of the sort to have power over your soul, you would have to KNOWINGLY & WILLINGLY be accepting it for what it is. The devil can not "trick" you into giving him your soul. If that worked, there would be no struggle. God gave us each agency & the ability to decide for ourselves, but that also requires you knowing what you are agreeing to, to willingly side with satan against God. I don't get why people think God would go to all this trouble to leave a trickery clause in the contract. Think it through. You are in no more danger with a chip than you are drinking a Monster. SMH.
That chip is not the mark of the beast that chip is like what you have on your credit card. The big danger is infection, rejection and identity theft unless you wear special gloves.

The mark of the beast will most likely be a neural implant that synchronizes your brain with the hive mind of the singularity.

They’re working on it and people will be fighting to get it because it will allow control over mentally ill people, spinal chord injuries, control computers, prosthetics, and it will enable the blind to see.?
No thanks, I don´t want it.

1. You don´t need a GPS to track someone. Just by following the digital footprint the implant leaves Big Brother will know where you are.

2. The Gov. said they were not tracking our phone´s metadata. It turns out they were lying. Eventually the Gov. will track the implant's metadata also.

3. It seems to me a really dumb idea to have ALL your electronic wallets, bank cards, travel cards, and different key cards in one place with you all the time. When I travel I don't take with me all my bank cards, e-wallets and key cards with me.

4. If something contains information, someone else eventually is going to extract that same info. If the implant is hacked I'll need surgery. If my bank account is hacked, I don't have to go through surgery.

5. I can give my bank card to my teenage son, but I also can take it away. But how can I take the implant out of my son´s hand?

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