People Share Photos of Ordinary Things That Look Like They Are From a Parallel Universe

3 years ago

The Earth is so surprising that you can never trust your eyes 100%. Internet users won’t stop flabbergasting us with items that look like they are out of this world. These 20 photos of peculiar things, like crocheted trees and crystal clear hot sauce, prove just one more time how wondrous our planet is.

We at Bright Side can’t stop wondering how many more surprises are around us.

1. “Someone crocheted this tree.”

2. A pickle under ultraviolet light

3. Just an attempt to cook while it’s −45°C (-49°F) outside...

4. “It took me a second to see that this isn’t a painting.”

5. “I’ve had a set of these since forever, they’re weighted and work much better than you’d think at first glance.”

6. Forbidden gummy candy (actually sea glass)

7. A perfectly squared tree

8. Plants can also be albino.

9. Looks like a chicken laid a Kinder Surprise egg.

10. A set of circular playing cards

11. “Time to break some hearts.”

12. A hornet’s nest inside a chimney

13. “Taking quotes for a new neon sign and one of the companies brought their neon pallet.”

14. “This hot sauce is totally clear.”

15. “The tag from my new frying pan can be planted to grow thyme.”

16. “I dropped a 9V battery & discovered there were actually 6 smaller batteries inside.”

17. The inside of a palm tree trunk looks like a giant bed of coconut hair.

18. “This Amish village has ‘WHOA’ signs for their horses, instead of stop signs.”

19. “Roots of a fallen sequoia”

20. Old glassware that has uranium mixed in it glows under a black light.

Which photo did you find the most unusual? Have you seen anything extraordinary that seemed like it’s from a parallel universe?

Preview photo credit sagadestiny / reddit


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I think that if some kiddo find those stones he might actually try to eat them


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