People Share Powerful Stories Behind Their Tattoos, and They Are Hard to Forget

3 years ago

Wearing tattoos as a form of art is getting more and more popular. Sometimes tattoos are simply beautiful pieces that don't have any actual meaning, but for others, tattoos can have a touching and powerful story behind them.

Bright Side has collected 18 tattoos so beautiful that they are likely to make you tear up, smile or feel an urge go hug someone you love. Don't miss our powerful bonus at the end of the article!

"A soundwave of my dad, mom, and brother saying, 'I love you' down my spine."

"My second tattoo that shows off my love for my home state"

"My children's star signs: Leo the Lion and Virgo the Virgin"

"A hummingbird, dedicated to my grandmother"

A beautiful tribute to friendship

When loved ones stick together:

This is how people with anxiety feel on the inside:

Matching mother-daughter foot tattoos

A father's love

"Embracing my heritage"

"I have 1 rose for my uncle and 2 for the children that never quite made it."

"Grandma was a welder for Dupont in the late 1940s after getting out of the army."

"I strive to be a wildflower."

A reminder of a great achievement

Romantic matching tattoos

A reminder that perfection doesn't exist

"A lovely tribute to my grandfather"

Bonus: A deep and moving story behind a simple tattoo

"My mom passed away 4 years ago and this was a block of text in a letter she sent me a year before she died. The spider and grasshopper were illustrations from Mercer Mayer's Little Critter series that my mom read to me at bedtime. They became my imaginary friends as a child, and eventually an inside joke between my mom and me."

Do you prefer tattoos to have meaning behind them or for them to simply be pretty pictures to look at? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit BaBopByeYa / reddit


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