People Shared 15+ Annoying Things That Are Mildly Infuriating

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It’s just part of human nature for things to infuriate us all of a sudden. And oftentimes, it takes very little to ruin a perfectly fine day. We suggest you take a deep breath before you continue scrolling through this list of mildly annoying pictures that we’ve handpicked just for you.

1. “How my girlfriend gets to sleep vs how I get to sleep with the new foster dog”

2. “I told my wife my cat doesn’t need expensive toys. Cat proves my point.”

3. “It was supposed to be a pizza.”

4. “I love our new house...except for this.”

5. “My Uber driver got his ’portable toilet’ sitting inches away from my foot.”

6. One of those very challenging situations

7. “I am currently locked in my bathroom, I can’t get out.”

8. “My $330 piece of glass was okay, but seriously?!”

9. “They forgot to give me the rib in my McRib...guess it’s just the Mc now.”

10. “My roommate’s dog found one of my AirPods.”

11. “It was a bad day for a backpack.”

12. “The way my cup broke”

13. “In addition to the screaming children, I also get feet.”

14. Not the best morning to have...

15. “I found a grasshopper leg in my frozen peas after we had already eaten half the bag earlier today.”

16. “I opened my Halloween Kinder egg and got 2 of the same part.”

Is there anything you can’t stand that keeps on happening all the time? We’d love for you to share what tips you over the edge down below in the comments.

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