Photographers Show How an Ugly Location Can Look When a Pro Gets Down to Work

2 years ago

When you’re looking at beautiful photos of Instagram models, do you think that a big team of photographers is working behind the scenes? The new #UglyLocationChallenge busts this myth completely. One of the first participants of the challenge is artist, Kelsey Maggart. She has published beautiful portrait shots made in places that can hardly be called photogenic.

Bright Side wants to share with you what places and things encourage people to organize such photoshoots. We’ve collected the most impressive photos from the participants of this unique challenge.

“You don’t have to love your locations to love your shoots,” one girl comments on her posts on Twitter.

This challenge with a not-so-beautiful name is loved by many users of social media. On her Facebook wall, Kelsey admits that she gained incredible popularity thanks to the photos set in ugly locations. People invite her from different corners of the world for filming, which inspired Kelsey.

Kelsey’s idea was liked by many Twitter and Instagram users. And today, several thousands of photos have already been published with the hashtag, #uglylocationchallenge.

The photos are really impressive. It seems that the more unexpected the location is, the more interesting the result can be.

Later, the photographer Adam Delane who decided to take part in the challenge, gave the movement its second official hashtag, #HobbyLobbyChallenge because many photo shoots happened to take place in hobby lobby stores.

On his page, Adam Delelane wrote that he was very surprised that the hashtag, #HobbyLobbyChallenge — which he invented himself — had become a social media legacy. Adam believes that this is a good challenge because it doesn’t motivate people to do stupid things, hurt themselves or offend others.

Pictures taken against a background of “hot tropics” and “flowering gardens” are so bright and lively, that it’s almost impossible to believe that they’re in an ordinary craft store.

These surprisingly cool shots can even be taken in a market of building materials and accessories for the home.

This challenge reminds us once again, that beautiful things can often just be the cover of hidden imperfections. But in the hands of a skillful artist and creator, even the most ordinary, boring things can become true masterpieces.

Would you like to accept the challenge? If yes, we’d be happy to see some of your masterpieces in the comments!

Preview photo credit jamarkisswhite/Twitter


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