Reddit Users Talk About 20+ Things That Are Normal in Movies Yet Rarely Possible in Real Life

3 years ago

The magic of cinema can make anything possible, but attentive viewers can always see through the trick. It would be great if movie makers would hire ordinary people as their consultants once in a while because as we already know: you can’t really find a parking place on a busy street in a mere second, schooling takes more than 1 hour a day, and you’ll never wake up with perfect hair and makeup.

Here at Bright Side, we came across a Reddit thread where people talked about movie scenes that we could hardly imagine happening in real life, and we wonder if you can add anything else to this list.

Wherever the detective has to go, they always find a parking spot right in front of the place. Downtown Manhattan included. @ataru-moroboshi

Police take a DNA sample and have the results in an hour. @inkseep1

Scientists in any field are experts in every other field of science as well, e.g. the physicist in Annihilation concluding the tree formations are due to homeotic mutations. @survivalothefittest

Waking up in the morning in full hair and makeup without morning breath @whereegosdare84

2 people having a conversation, and a third person joins the conversion completely up to speed on what is being talked about, even though they weren’t even in the room 2 seconds ago @khendron

Working as a waiter and living in a huge apartment with a full fridge and expensive clothes @DemonLinuzzz

Mom makes a huge breakfast and lays it all out. Kids and husband grab a bagel on the way out the door, ignoring all the food. @FTAKJ

Taking one bite and you’re done, haha. @SplitAPineapple0

Nobody ever has to use the toilet. @MyAntipodeanFriend

Issues are easily avoidable if the person just explains what is happening. @dan-o07

Women can be in the jungle for days but nobody has hair anywhere. Men instantly grow a beard. @bubblebumblejumble

Always having your hair look nice @ProudSetting

Not just hair, but full makeup and shaved legs. Even after being chased by a killer for hours, or living amongst zombies, or doing physical activity. @Maebyfunke37

A guy walks in holding a 30-page document, gives it to some other dude. The dude who’s getting the document glances at the first page for a nanosecond and immediately knows everything there is to know about this case. @I_hate_traveling

School in movies just consumes about 10% of the day. @blacka1rforceRuto

Walking home from the grocery store carrying a single paper bag with an unwrapped loaf of French bread sticking out the top @takehiko28

Unless they’re written to be stupid or as comic relief, people in movies talk with zero filler words. In real life, very few people are able to do that. @Wind_Yer_Neck_In

Meeting new friends the minute you move to a new town @Pralineswith***

All channels always having either news or old movies @GustavoAlex7789

Ask your friends to meet you at a predetermined time and place with no explanation as to why. I have a hard time getting friends to meet up for legitimate reasons with advanced notice. Meanwhile, movie characters come together in an abandoned warehouse like...(they all walk in at the same time) “Why’d you call?” @huazzy

Hacking is typing really fast. @inkseep1

“Enhancing” a bad quality image to 4k and zooming in to the size of a microbe with perfect clarity. @AtL_eAsTwOoD

Not saying bye before hanging up @faerieunderfoot

Not doing the awkward goodbye where you say bye, then hang on a second to see if they’re gonna say anything else @kitcat8457

Do you agree with these Redditors? What do you think are the most unrealistic scenes that we often see in movies and TV shows?


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“Issues are unavoidable when you talk about what is happening”

Characters usually then say “I was protecting you that’s why I didn’t tell you at first”

No look John,everyone is going to die because you were protecting one person


The one about talking with no filler words got me thinking, they also never pause or just forget what they were doing or talking about


Or randomly check their phone to see if they got a text or something else people regularly do


Is it possible to learn the superpower of having a parking space always right in front of the place ?


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