Rihanna’s True Fee Revealed for Anant Ambani’s Pre-Wedding Celebration in India

2 months ago

Rihanna made an appearance at the pre-wedding celebrations of the son of Asia’s wealthiest man in India. She put on an energetic 40-minute performance. However, even though she was paid a HUGE amount for her time, many people on the internet were not impressed with what they saw in the videos of her performance, feeling like she didn’t put in much effort. Let’s find out more about what went down.

Rihanna showed up in Jamnagar, India, a day before her big performance.


She brought along this massive 12-foot-tall luggage, and it got people talking online. Then, she rocked the stage at this fancy pre-wedding bash for billionaire Anant Ambani and his soon-to-be wife, Radhika Merchant. But here’s the scoop — some folks aren’t too happy with her performance.

They’re calling it dull and not worth the big bucks she apparently charged. It’s causing quite a stir among her fans, sparking some intense debate and disappointment all around.

It’s important to mention that these pre-wedding celebrations are no small affair. The whole shebang is estimated to cost a jaw-dropping £120 million ($152 million), according to sources. And get this, just the catering contract, given to a top-notch five-star hotel group in India, is rumored to be around £20 million ($25.3 million).

Rihanna’s presence at the wedding festivities has certainly added some sparkle to the event, joining forces with India’s wealthiest family for the celebration.

Associated Press/East News

Rihanna, who is 36 years old, along with her partner A$AP Rocky, was spotted in India for the celebrations. It’s interesting to note that for his daughter’s wedding back in 2018, Ambani reportedly paid Beyoncé $6 million for a private concert for the guests.

Ambani, who is 66 years old and the chairman of Reliance Industries, which deals with everything from oil to telecoms, holds the title of Asia’s richest person according to Forbes, with a net worth exceeding $117 billion.

Now, about the real tea.

Rihanna, the pop queen, made her way to Jamnagar on February 29 with her team. According to a report, she’s set to earn approximately $8-$9 million (₹66 to 74 crore) for her performance at the pre-wedding festivities of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant in Jamnagar, Gujarat.

Would you consider spending a considerable amount to have Rihanna perform at your wedding? And don’t forget to check out another article where we explore 9 celebrity splits that came with a high price tag.

Preview photo credit Associated Press/East News, AFP PHOTO /RELIANCE / East News


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