“Sex and the City” Star Kim Cattrall, 66, Reveals She’s Open to Botox and Fillers to Battle Aging in “Every Way I Can”

5 months ago

Over a decade ago, Kim Cattrall expressed in an interview her desire to fully embrace the natural process of aging. Now, she is opening up about her changed perspective on cosmetic procedures.
The 66-year-old actress mentioned the wide range of possibilities she wouldn’t hesitate to adopt to address signs of aging and gave a valid reason why she’s no longer willing to age naturally.

A new approach to aging in her 60s.

During a recent interview, the renowned actress, known for her role in Sex and the City and set to make a cameo appearance in the franchise’s reboot, candidly shared her approach to aging now that she’s in her 60s. She admitted that she is actively combating the effects of aging in every possible way.

In her discussion, Cattrall acknowledged that her financial situation allows her to explore various options to achieve this goal. Additionally, the actress emphasized that the suitability of procedures, such as fillers and botox, varies from person to person, depending on their individual preferences and circumstances.

The reason why she no longer embraces the natural process of aging.

Cattrall emphasized that her decision to undergo cosmetic procedures is not solely driven by vanity. She explained that her profession often requires her to portray a specific type of woman with a particular appearance. Therefore, she believes caring for her physical appearance is part of her professional responsibility. She aims to present herself as the most exceptional and authentic version of herself.

Despite her commitment to maintaining her appearance, Cattrall cautiously approaches these treatments. She recognizes the significance of finding the right surgeon who understands her desired outcomes and respects her individuality. She stresses the importance of ensuring that the final result aligns with her unique identity and preserves her distinct features.

In 2020, Cattrall opened up about her personal journey as a woman in the Hollywood industry, facing the challenges of aging. During an interview conducted before the release of her show Filthy Rich that year, she revealed that in her 50s, she began to feel a gradual shift in her career. “I felt things slipping away,” she has shared. The actress noticed a decline in the number of scripts offered her, reflecting the limited roles available for women in Hollywood.

The Glamorous actress explained that the industry tends to categorize women as either young ingénues or leading ladies, followed by roles as divorced wives or cougars, none of which she identified with. This prompted her to examine this reality and its implications deeply.

Fans are finally getting ’Samantha’ back.

Reflecting on her long-standing career, Cattrall expressed gratitude for her journey in the entertainment business. She acknowledged the incredible achievement of having sustained a successful acting career for such a significant period. Moreover, the star confessed her surprise at her accomplishment, simply highlighting her initial desire to work as an actress.

Furthermore, announcing a Sex and the City reboot without the beloved character Samantha, played by Kattral, caused a significant uproar among fans. However, it appears that the creators of the show, And Just Like That have noted the backlash and decided to include her in the new series. Fans can now anticipate an exciting development in the storyline with the return of their beloved character.


every approach to aging is respectable. everyone should do with their body what they feel like, if fillers make her feel more confident, good for her

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