“She Still Thinks She’s Small”: Dog Goes Viral for Sleeping on Her Sister Despite Having Grown Up

2 years ago

Frannie and Trixie are the latest sister duo that’s making the entire internet gush. As a big sister, Frannie welcomed her baby sis with open paws, and Trixie took it as an invitation to stick around forever.

If you’ve been craving a substantial dose of cuteness today, look no further. Bright Side and these cuddly sisters have got your back.

The sisters became inseparable from the very first moment.

The very first time Frannie met her sister, they cuddled up on a cozy blanket so that tiny Trixie didn’t feel cold on a January night. This must’ve stuck with the little sis pretty hard because since then, they’ve become attached at the hip.

The 2 cuties do everything together, from keeping a close watch on the neighborhood to battling chilly weather by the inviting fire.

But Trixie’s favorite place to sleep is not exactly a fluffy blanket.

Now Trixie is literally glued to Frannie.

Even though Trixie is no longer a small puppy, she certainly still feels like one. She adores sleeping on her big sister and seems to be completely oblivious that she’s much bigger than the first time they met.

Frannie doesn’t seem to mind too much (even though she might not have a choice in the matter) and patiently serves as a pillow to Trixie.

Why dogs ignore their actual size

It’s not uncommon for dogs to act like they’re smaller than they actually are. Think about how often big dogs try to fit on our laps or take up more than half of our beds. Research actually found that dogs are perfectly aware of their size, but the theory says that habit is a much stronger instinct for them. They simply tend to act how they did as puppies because they felt safe in their owner’s lap or, in Trixie’s case, cozied up on her sibling.

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Preview photo credit Jennifer Lewis / Facebook


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