“Sleeping Is a Waste of Time. I Can’t Wait to See Her Again in the Morning.” The Touching Love Story of James Brolin and Barbra Streisand

4 years ago

They met almost 23 years ago when they were quite mature and experienced, yet a bit disappointed with the idea of love. However, this wasn’t a barrier to them changing their minds about love over time. Little did they know, they had hit the happiness jackpot.

We at Bright Side are always happy to share love stories with our readers. Here is the example of Barbara Streisand and James Brolin who have been married for almost 22 years.

It wasn’t the first marriage for either of them.

They’ve been through other relationships during their lives. Streisand was married to Elliott Gould and has a son with him. After that marriage ended, she felt quite comfortable being single and was not up to taking on a new affair. As for Brolin, he was married 2 times before and had 3 children.

The dinner that changed everything forever

It was July 1, 1996, when Streisand and Brolin were set up on a blind date. Streisand explained in an interview that she was expecting to meet a bearded mountain-man type, but he was clean-shaven and with short hair.

She asked him, “Who screwed up your hair?” And as Brolin admitted later, this was the moment he fell in love with her. They got married exactly 2 years later on the second anniversary of their meeting.

A marriage that was meant to last

The ceremony was rather modest for Hollywood, but indeed very beautiful. With only 105 guests whom they considered the most loved ones, the evening was very emotional. The most memorable moment was when Streisand sang 2 new love songs for Brolin. He, in his turn, gave a very touching speech saying, “Sleeping is a waste of time. I can’t wait to see her again in the morning.

Now Streisand is 77 years old and Brolin is 79, and they are both happy about their marriage having lasted for so long. Barbra once said that their 20 years of being together in Hollywood could count as 50 years in Chicago.

The keys to happiness they both work at maintaining

They both have their own tips to keep their relationship strong. First of all, they do their best to always find time for each other. They both have tough schedules and they say that it’s really important for them to stay active during the day, but they spend evenings together.

Moreover, both Streisand and Brolin believe in the need for family therapy, as Brolin admitted. He also said that Streisand always keeps their romance alive and welcomes him with love at home.

Their touching story speaks so much about the importance of fighting for your happiness every day. Being truly in love with someone really inspires a person to do everything they can to keep this feeling alive for the rest of their life.

What are your tips to make a relationship happy? Share photos of your happy moments with us!

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My tip to keep a happy relationship is to talk and be sincere. That's way too important!


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