Some Time Ago, We Wrote About a Couple Who Adopted a Puma, and This Is How They Live Now

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Messi is a puma that met his future human “parents” at a zoo. Alexander and Marya fell in love with Messi at first sight and asked the zoo owner to sell him to them. Ever since, Messi and his humans have been living together, despite all the difficulties that taking care of such a big cat brings about. It’s amazing how strong their connection and mutual understanding have become through the years, and we can’t stop looking at the funny photos and videos they share with the world.

We at Bright Side have been keeping track of Messi’s life and are glad to update you on his adventures.

There’s a lot going on in Messi’s life.

He likes spending time lying on the couch and just doing nothing...

He loves cuddling and kissing his humans.

He sneaks into his parents’ bedroom early in the morning to say, “Hi!”

One of Messi’s favorite things to do is eat, and he adores sweet desserts.

He likes ice cream...

And he enjoys eating a bowl of berries now and then...

He can even eat a whole watermelon if you leave it unattended!

When Messi is taking a nap, he’s so peaceful and helpless that you can easily catch his tongue.

He enjoys home spa procedures performed by his mommy and daddy, especially when it comes to brushing and massage.

He is fond of taking showers as well, which is not typical of a cat.

Sometimes you can find Messi looking out the window in the most graceful way possible.

But his favorite pastime is spending quality time with his loving and caring humans...

And Messi surely loves them back!

Do you have pets? What are their favorite things to do?

Preview photo credit l_am_puma/Instagram


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