Startling News: Women May Need Their Best Friends More Than Their Husbands

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Marriage is the ultimate bond between 2 people who vow to spend the rest of their lives together. But when it comes to choosing between spending time with your besties or your husband, the struggle is real.

At Bright Side we are here to make you feel better. So don’t trouble yourself if you really feel like going out with your girlfriends, instead of cuddling with your spouse. You are not alone, and here’s some recent research that will clear things up.

According to a survey conducted by Champneys Health Spa UK, 50% of the 1,517 women who were asked, picked their best friends to have fun and discuss their problems with, instead of their husbands.

According to this survey, women say that no one “gets you” better than your best friend. If you have a “Christina-Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy” friendship in your life, you will probably agree.

With your best friend, you can talk about everything without them judging you and you are able to put yourselves in each other’s shoes every single time. Plus, there are things that women cannot share with their husbands but that really concern them and those come first in a girls’ pow-wow.

When you’re thinking of your shopping or yoga buddy, your girlfriends are first in line. Sharing the same interests is another important reason why women prefer spending time with their best friends, over their husbands.

Tons of inside jokes and movie references, TMI conversations, shame experiences, and truly authentic talks are the basis of a girls’ friendship. Women have confessed that there is nowhere else that they can truly be themselves more than in the company their best friend.

As Seal’s famous song “Crazy” says: “We’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy.” And no one’s better at being ridiculous with us than our besties. Women from the survey admitted that they miss getting wild with their girlfriends and that they really prefer it to staying at home with their husbands.

But the most important part of all is that a great number of women truly believe that their best friends’ opinions and advice matter like no one else’s. They blindly trust them and seek out their help.

Just like that time when Mr. Big left Carrie at the church, but the girls were there for her. Girlfriends would do anything for you and they are always present for better or for worse, to support you when no one else does.

It would be really interesting if we asked men the same questions: like whether they prefer spending time with their buddies instead of their wives, don’t you think? Do you have a valuable friendship as old as time? Share with us some of the sweetest and weirdest moments you’ve had with your girlfriends. We’d love to hear your stories.

Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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It's really hard to tell, because spending time with our friends and your girl gives different feelings, but they are both very precious.
I love handing out with my friends and just talk about useless things, and I like being alone with my girl too.

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