Steven Tyler Opened 2 Homes for Abused Women and Has Already Helped Hundreds of Them

2 years ago

After Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler checked into rehab, he saw for himself how 90% of the women there were victims of abuse, battling to carry on with their lives. Dealing with years of trauma is hard and his time at the facility inspired him to launch Janie’s Fund, to give abused women and children a second chance at life.

Bright Side thinks Tyler is a TRUE rockstar and would like to throw some light on his charitable work for women in need.

According to a government report, child abuse and neglect is a bigger evil than we can imagine. When children go through physical, mental, or verbal abuse, they can suffer long-term consequences which can affect their behavior and poison them with tons of psychological problems that they might never get rid of. Steven Tyler, the lead singer of the classic rock band Aerosmith, is taking these children and young women under his care and giving them a chance to heal.

The famous 1989 song inspired the name and the idea.

Known for his charitable works, Steven started Janie’s Fund in 2015, inspired by the Aerosmith hit Janie’s Got a Gun, which addresses issues like child neglect and abuse. The Aerosmith rocker himself once spent time at a care facility where he observed how the women at the center were victims of physical and mental abuse, and were going through tough times. This experience inspired Tyler to build a place for these women and children, where they can heal and feel safe.

Since then, Janie’s House (the shelter itself) has been a home away from home for victims of abuse and Tyler has raised and donated millions to support the program. The shelter in Atlanta can house up to 30 women and children and provide them with all of their basic needs.

Tyler has donated millions to this cause.

Recently, Steven donated $500,000 to renovate a home in the Youth Villages in Memphis, Tennessee and officially opened another care home there. This renovated house is able to accommodate 14 girls at a time and fully take care of their needs. In Janie’s Home, women and children are provided with therapy and aid to help them move forward and live a better life.

He says Janie’s Fund “is a dream come true.”

And, to the Grammy winner, it is all a big dream come true! He has plans to take Janie’s Fund and Janie’s Home to bigger heights and help as many women as he can. Well, more power to him and all the brave ones out there who have suffered abuse, but are still fighting!

Were you aware that the Dream On hitmaker donates millions to help others dream better too? Which other celebrities out there do you think are doing a good job at giving a little bit back for the greater good? Let us know in the comments!


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