Sun-Kissed Illustrations Showing Why We’ve Desperately Longed for Summer

3 years ago

What is summer to you? For many people, it's a time to compensate for the autumn depression, winter hibernation, and spring vitamin deficiency. This is a short time of year when you need to do everything: eat enough berries and fruit, get vitamin D, and go on the trip that you've wanted for a long time. Talented artist Yaoyao Ma Van As managed to express the atmosphere of this beautiful time of year. Look at our article and dive into the bright summer illustrations.

Bright Side loves the work of this artist and wants to share it with you.

This is a time when you can forget about everything and be one with nature.

Dive into your own world.

Enjoy the weather.

Relax with someone you love.

Feel free.

This is the time when the world you know looks different, so you want to stop and have a good look at everything.

In summer, you don't need to look for happiness because it's everywhere.

You can take a deep breath.

And go somewhere

Maybe a short trip

Maybe a long one

Chase your dream.

The wind will blow away all your doubts.

And the water will remind you that you are still a child.

Eating something tasty outside is so nice.

And so is drinking coffee

Warm rain makes you stronger.

And cold rain can change your fate.

As if he had been waiting for the right moment

The time when you need to make a decision

And fall in love

So much so, that even the stars wouldn't be able to shift your attention

And it doesn't matter how it ends. Summer is not a time of year, it's a door to a different life that opens only once a year.

Did you enjoy the illustrations? If you did, you can get even more inspiration on the artist's website.

Preview photo credit Yaoyao Ma Van As, Yaoyao Ma Van As


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