Tea or Coffee? Your Favorite Drink Gives Away These 7 Intriguing Things About You

3 years ago

Tea or coffee? — the question almost as weighty as, “To be or not to be,” with these 2 beverages being the most popular in the world for a very long time. But is there anything else behind our choice between them other than simply the taste of these hot drinks?

We at Bright Side want to get to the bottom of this (and have fun along the way)! That’s why we are sharing our findings right here, after reading many surveys and studies on this topic.

Extroverts prefer tea.

According to poll results conducted in the US by OnePoll, extroverts and ambiverts (those in the middle of the introvert-extrovert spectrum) tend to be tea-lovers, whereas introverts are more likely to drink coffee. And here’s where the latter has to be careful: a study carried out by Andrew P. Smith from Cardiff University concluded that caffeine helps extroverts with their work performance, and introverts do better “in a de-caffeinated state.”

Coffee lovers are risk-takers.

This study revealed that coffee consumption is linked to “sensation seeking, impulsivity, and risk-taking propensity,” which means that this popular drink’s fans are more likely to enjoy activities like extreme sports and crave new experiences more often.

Tea drinkers sleep better.

The survey results show that those who prefer tea identify as “average sleepers.” At the same time, coffee lovers can experience some problems with this aspect of life: they think of themselves as “light sleepers.”

Tea lovers have a sweet tooth.

According to this survey, the respondents who preferred tea were more likely to add sugar to it, whereas coffee drinkers enjoy their beverage straight.

Coffee fans are dog lovers.

When asked about whether they are a cat or a dog person, more coffee lovers chose dogs, and those who prefer tea were more likely to prefer cats.

Tea drinkers tend to be more creative.

According to this study, tea helps us be more creative and makes it easier to come up with new ideas. At the same time, another study found that despite not having a positive influence on creativity, coffee makes your problem-solving skills much sharper.

Coffee lovers are more stressed, but less depressed.

This study showed that the more work students have to do during the semester, the more coffee they consume. Given that caffeine is a stimulating substance, this is no coincidence. However, there’s a positive side to drinking coffee: it was found that, among those who drink it frequently, depression levels were 32% lower than that of non-drinkers.

Are you team tea or team coffee? We’d love to see your point of view in the comments!


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I'm a tea drinker and all these things are true for me 😊😊


The sleeping better one is true I guess, my girlfriend is a coffee drinker but doesn't sleep as good as me


I don't drink tea or coffee but, id drink some tea and coffee but so rarely so, who am I


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