Ten quick and easy hairstyles for your daughter which even dad can do

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2 years ago

The morning routine with your kids often has to be timed right down to the minute. We barely have enough time to get ourselves ready for the day, let alone get our kids prepared for school or kindergarten. Those who have daughters know in particular that there’s simply no time to do a complicated hairstyle for their little girl.

We thought we’d try to help you with this one. Here are ten quick and easy hairstyles you can do for your little princess which take no time at all.

Criss-crossed braids

Gather the hair together and separate it into two parts, then tie each together with a hair tie to make two ponytails. Cross one over the other, then gather more hair near the neck and fix everything in place at the back of the head. You can cross the two ponytails over several times and come up with a more individual variation.

A comfortable and beautiful option

Divide some hair at the side of the head into two locks and twist them into braids. Then tie the braids together in a knot and fasten with a hair tie just below it.

A twisted ponytail

A wonderfully elegant hairstyle which is actually very easy to do. Part the hair to one side. On one side, separate off a thin lock of hair close to the face and above the ear and twist it into a braid (your child can help you here by holding onto to it at this point). Then gather up the remaining, larger amount of hair using a comb and tie it together with the bundled-up braid to make a low ponytail slightly to one side. Loosen the hair tie a little so that the hair can be pulled out slightly to make a more flowing ponytail.

A triple-twisted ponytail

You can try this slightly more complex but more impressive style once you’ve got the hang of the simple twisted ponytail. Begin by making a ponytail close to the crown of the head, then perform a ’pull-through’ with the hair tie. Then make a second ponytail lower down the back of the head, combining loose hair with the end of the first ponytail, and do another pull-through. You can do several ponytails using this method down the back of the head.

An asymmetric bun

Part the hair to one side and carefully gather it into a ponytail on one side of the head. Twist it, and gather it into a bun. Fasten with one or two hair ties.

A triple plait

For those who don’t know how to make a French braid, there’s one sneaky method available to you. First make a braid out of hairs on the upper part of the head and fasten it with a hair tie at the tip. The gather up some hair in the middle of the back of the head, place the first plait in the middle of it and weave it together with the loose lock of hair to form another plait. Fasten this together with a hair tie once again. Repeat this process. The unfasten all the ends of the individual three braids and tie them together into one larger one.

An alternative ponytail

Gather up some hair close to the top of the head and plait it to form a wide plait across the head. Then fasten the braid together with the unbraided hair using a hair tie.

Multiple ponytails

A simple but reliable hairstyle you can do in no time at all. Separate the hair on the crown of the head into two parts and fasten them together to make two ponytails. Then join and fasten them together with a third lock of loose hair into another ponytail at roughly the centre of the back of the head. Repeat the process with the loose hair running down the back of the head until there’s none left. The ponytail can then be either left free-flowing or fastened into a braid.

Alternative plaits

Gather some hair on either side of the head above the ears and plait it. Tie both braids together at the back of the head in an attractive knot.

A bow-shaped bun

This is a really cute hairstyle for a little princess. Gather up the hair into a ponytail near the top of the head and wrap a hair tie around the it one time. Now twist the hair tie around the ponytail again. Be sure to keep the hair tight. Now wrap one more time, but do not pull the hair all the way through the hair tie — instead leave a loop. Your child should now have a super tight bun on top of their head with the extra hair sticking out the front. Now separate the bun in half and grab three bobby pins. Spread the bun completely in half and smooth everything out with your hands so it looks even. Now pull the excess hair up and through the middle of the bun. It goes right through the bun separating the hair and creating the "bow". Now use one of your bobby pins to secure the hair in the back of the head.

Photo credit: Julio Cesar


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