The 10 Best Deals on Halloween Decor to Create the Best Themed Party

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It’s time to start the countdown — Halloween is approaching! By preparing for the holiday in advance, you can save not only your nerves, but also your wallet. Take a look at the themed holiday decorations that are currently available at great discounts on Amazon. Don’t think twice, because offers are only for a limited time!

1. Realistic bones and skull to greet guests with a bony handshake — 33% off

Place this peeking skeleton on the stairs or in the hallway. Or maybe you’ll come up with innovative ideas like a combination with a pumpkin, like in the photo. In any case, it will definitely have a surprise factor!

Promising review:

Better than expected.
Very good quality, I would recommend.
Sheila Raznick

Buy the bones and skull on Amazon.

2. Scary window stickers to make your party eye-catching to passers-by — 29% off

This sinister atmosphere should make your guests tremble at first sight! Throw a chilling party with your friends and create a horror vibe in town with your windows. The 9 sheets of stickers will help you decorate multiple windows and then remove them easily without leaving any residue. They can be used multiple times!

Promising review:

Great Halloween prop.
Great item to decorate your windows for Halloween!!! As you can see by the pictures, they look pretty good and can be reused for next year.

Buy these stickers on Amazon

3. Creepy black mesh to create a spooky old house atmosphere in your cozy nest — 38% off

This huge black web, 8.3 yards long and 79 inches wide, can transform a room. Place it on hallway doorways, shower curtains, verandas, terraces, windows, and gates to cause an eerie impression. You can also hang a spider or other decorations using the holes in the mesh.

Promising review:

Fantastic. Love it.
Absolutely brilliant! There is so much of it, and proper made the house more Halloween with just this one product! It does shed slightly, but that was expected.
Fiona Fletcher

Buy this mesh on Amazon

4. Waterproof outdoor lights for your home to celebrate Halloween as brightly as Christmas — 33% off

The combination of orange and purple creates a creepy but magical night mood! 10 meters long, 8 lighting modes, a timer, and remote control make this garland a great choice. Durable and safe, it will serve you well both indoors and outdoors.

Promising review:

I wasn’t sure if these would be great. But the lights are lovely, very bright and in great colors! The settings give you so much choice.
My first remote failed after one use, but as soon as I told the company, they sent out a replacement ASAP, and it works just fine!
Great product, great customer service. I know where I’m going for my light decorations in the future!

Buy these lights on Amazon

5. Waterproof, solar-powered, mushroom-shaped outdoor lanterns to turn your garden into a clearing from a fairy tale — 58% off

12 LED lights in one set will light the way to the house and create a feeling of magic! This is an excellent choice for a cute Halloween with the family, or just to make a cozy fall mood in the garden. They are automatically charged by solar energy, so you won’t have to worry about recharging!

Promising review:

Pretty eye-catching mushroom lights.
There is nothing to dislike. I’ve got one set on the rockery, another ground level, as shown in the photo further to the right. The lights are pretty, and visitors notice and say how lovely they are and would like to own them too. I’ve since ordered several more boxes, intending to give them as future gifts.

Buy these lights on Amazon

6. Glowing pumpkins, ghosts, and bats that are autonomously powered by batteries — 33% off

This set of 3 garlands in different shapes will decorate your home with popular Halloween characters. These threads don’t need cables and sockets. Just insert three AA batteries and hang them wherever you want!

Promising review:

Great size and brightness.
I love these lights, bright and bigger than expected. Really good value. I have attached a photo of the pumpkins we tested out in the kitchen.

Buy these lights on Amazon

7. Flameless glass candles with a remote timer for decoration and comic rituals — 12% off

We think Halloween needs as many lights as possible! You won’t even have to turn on the chandelier on the ceiling at all. Arrange these safe, flameless candles around your home for an eerie yet cozy atmosphere out of a witch’s lair. With the included 10-button remote control, you can easily turn on the candles, adjust the brightness level, and flicker mode.

Promising review:

They look realistic.
I love these. You can dim them and set them for 2, 4, or 6 hours, and then they turn off. Look stunning. I shall be using these all year round.
V Goddard

Buy these candles on Amazon

8. Frosted glass outdoor pendant lights for lawn and garden decoration — 21% off

It looks like fairies really exist, and you managed to catch them and put them in your garden! Surprise your guests with a magical environment. You don’t need cables; these flashlights are powered by solar energy!

Promising review:

Absolutely gorgeous.
Just received these this morning. Time will tell how long they last; I can’t say yet. But took it out of the box and set it up. They are absolutely gorgeous. Different fairies on the diff sides, and the colors are gorgeous. Seem very sturdy. I’m in love with them. I recommend these!! Just wow.

Buy these lights on Amazon

9. Garland of bright maple leaves for autumn mood — 15% off

Durable and flexible, the garland is suitable for decoration both at home and in the garden. Attach them to window frames, doorways, and arches. Decorate walls or garden swings to bring autumn colors into your home.

Promising review:

It looks amazing against a white wall. It is not too flimsy. It will be used every year as Halloween decorations.

Buy this garland on Amazon

10. Wooden sign on the door to welcome your magical guests — 33% off

If you’re thinking of a party in the spirit of one of the most magical stories, this is what you need to set the mood from the door! Don’t forget to communicate the dress code and repeat the welcome spells.

Promising review:

Fab bit of Potter decor.
Bought this to finish off the decor for my daughter’s Harry Potter-themed birthday party and was really pleased with it for the price. It’s a great piece of decor for any Potterhead, can be versatile in its placement, and has remained a permanent feature in our home since the party.

Buy this plate on Amazon

Where are you going to celebrate the upcoming Halloween? At home with family, visiting friends, or maybe at a party?

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