The 10 Best-Selling Items on Amazon That’ll Ease Any Parenting Journey

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Being the parent of a small child can be bewildering and stressful sometimes, especially when you don’t know how to solve the issues that newborns and toddlers face. Switching from breastfeeding to a bottle, clipping a baby’s nails and cleaning their stuffy nose, and even bathing can turn into a problem when you don’t have the proper instruments by your side. Thanks to Amazon, parents can find everything it takes to win their daily parenting game, and we’d love to make the choice a bit easier with today’s selection of goods.

1. Moisturize your baby’s dry and sensitive skin with this baby moisturizer. Mildly fragranced, it is suitable for newborns and little ones with skin that is prone to eczema. Its naturally derived glycerin helps attract and hold moisture, hydrating and preventing the skin from drying out. The product is free from parabens, phthalates, artificial colors and dyes, petroleum, and formaldehyde.

8,900+ ratings

Promising review: I cannot recommend this cream enough! I bought it for my son, who was covered in eczema. It was really getting me down. After using this cream for 2 days, it completely cleared it up. I’ve tried so many different creams, but this was the only one that worked. Absolute magic. @Leah Miles


2. These silicone teats feel just like mom’s skin to babies, providing them with a familiar feeding experience. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding and make this process easy for their babies. Due to their unique, flat, and symmetrical design, these baby bottle teats achieve an ideal fit in a baby’s mouth.

26,100+ ratings

Promising review: Bought these for my daughter to introduce the bottle. We had tried every other brand out there, but she refused them. We were recommended to try these teats, and she took them straight away.
Excellent product, no confusion between bottle and nipple. Would highly recommend anyone wanting to introduce a bottle from being exclusively breastfed for the first few months. @Kat


3. Free your home from the odor of used nappies with these twist and click nappy bin refill cassettes. With these cassettes the nappies are individually wrapped which means unpleasant odors can’t bother you. The antibacterial film effectively fights bacteria and germs.

8,600+ ratings

Promising review: Using this with the bin of the same brand and works just fine. Baby is now 10 days old, and have not had to change one of the cartridges yet. Bags have not broken or ripped at all and do not smell. I like the system as it saves trips downstairs to the bin at all hours of the night, that’s outside, and saves keeping dirty nappies in the main kitchen bin. @Angus


4. Taking care of your baby can become easier with this healthcare kit. Organized in a handy zipped pouch, the set includes baby caring necessities: a digital oral thermometer, a nasal aspirator, baby scissors, baby nail clippers, emery boards, a baby toothbrush, and a brush and comb set. The kit includes everything you need to take proper care of your baby from birth through the early years.

32,900+ ratings

Promising review: Didn’t know how much we needed this set until we had purchased this set. The nail cutter, the sucker, and the brush have all been used and have been really handy. The beauty is that it comes in a nice zip bag and is organized nicely, so it’s easy to grab, travel with, and use. @Hollywood Nav


5. These leakproof nappies are the perfect choice for a swimming pool. Made from super soft neoprene and the highest-grade Lycra, these nappies are designed to be gentle on baby’s skin. They have elastic around the waist and legs, and have been developed to move as your baby moves so that they won’t leave red marks on your baby’s skin. The nappies are also famous for their poo protection, as they ensure the poo stays in the nappies and doesn’t leak into the pool.

14,100+ ratings

Promising review: This is my second purchase of these after the first pair lasted ages. Eventually, the stretch and color went and required a new purchase, but what do you expect after being used weekly for a few years by multiple kids? Will buy again if/when I need to. @Matt-i-us


6. With these breastmilk storage bags, you can keep your breastmilk fresh for a long time while saving space. The bags can be stored standing or flat, they are pre-sterilized and can be stored in the freezer. Their double zipper seal prevents leaks. The bags come with a hygienic and secure tear-away top to ensure no toxins reach the breastmilk.

6,600+ ratings

Promising review: These are absolutely perfect for storing breastmilk. Lansinoh products are actually amazing. Great for storage space in freezers too. Can’t recommend them enough.
In all the time I used it (over a year of expressing and counting), I only had the odd occasion of leakage, but am definitely sure the damage occurred while in the freezer. However, the bags are quite strong: I would advise to not store in the same space with other things in the freezer to avoid that happening. @Amazon Customer


7. You can teach your toddler natural free-flow drinking without stress using this training sippy cup. Thanks to its unique slanted design with 2 handles, it can make your baby’s transition to open cups as easy as possible. Made from 100% food-safe materials, the cup is dishwasher and steamer friendly, and comes in a variety of colors.

9,500+ ratings

Promising review: This was a great first open cup for my little one. He found it really easy to use by himself after a relatively short period of time. Some guidance was needed to avoid having him tip it too far, but he can pick it up by himself, which is becoming useful as we move toward toddler independence! @Libby


8. Cleaning baby bottles will take less time and effort with this cleaning brush. This flexible brush is designed for thorough 360° cleaning. Its size makes it suitable for most wide-neck bottles and teats, while its non-slip handle provides comfort.

3,800+ ratings

Promising review: Great, sturdy brush with strong bristles. I did buy a cheap bottle brush which bent easily, and the bristles went horrible. This is definitely worth the money and I will be buying another when this one needs replacing. @sam


9. Clean your baby’s stuffy nose with this nasal aspirator. The aspirator creates a seal with the outside of the baby’s nostril for gentle cleaning. Disposable filters need to be replaced after every use. The blue nasal tube, red mouthpiece, and filter cap are top-rack dishwasher safe.

30,800+ ratings

Promising review: This is absolutely brilliant for clearing my baby’s congestion. Baby picked up a cold and was really congested, making it very hard for him to feed, I used this and cleared a surprising amount of mucus and baby managed to feed effectively straight away. It’s both gross and satisfying in equal measure, haha! @Annie


10. This newborn baby bath has a built-in anti-slip support and a soft headrest for your baby’s ultimate convenience and safety while bathing. This bathtub is practical and convenient to use anywhere, with easy-grip handles for moving before or after bath time.

1,900+ ratings

Promising review: This has made bath time much easier. Supporting baby in the bath while washing her with the other hand was tricky and made bath time a chore. However, with this bath, you have both hands again and are better able to wash and play with baby. @Kimberley


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