The 25 most impressive photos from National Geographic 2015

2 years ago

Every year, thousands of photographers send their best work to the editors at National Geographic. They all have the same aim — to win the prestigious NG Photo Contest.

Here are the winners and finalists for this year — and what incredible shots they are!

1st place: The whale’s whispers

2nd Place: Workers, Bangladesh

3rd place: Camel racers

A small tarsier hides behind some leaves


The Grand Prismatic Spring

Mom, carry me!

The route to someone’s wedding

Greetings from the Arctic

Nighttime in Death Valley

A surprising encounter

Before sunrise

Oh, you do make me laugh!

Waiting for the unexpected

Morning on the Matterhorn

A small cheetah

Nature’s fury

A moment of intimacy


A curious child

A storm at sunset

Can we be friends?

A vision of the Yosemite Valley

Try and catch me

Do we go right or left?

A dream about tigers


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