The Body Language Which Will Reveal the Truth About Your Relationship

9 months ago

Some relationships are just starting with shy looks and bashful attempts to take her hand...

Or perhaps a couple has not been together for a year yet, but she is trying to keep a distance and hides her eyes...

Bright Side will help you to understand what is happening in your relationship without any words.

Everything is fine. You like each other.

You notice that your partner meets your eyes and holds your gaze for a little longer than he/she is supposed to. If after some time the action repeats, you can be sure that he/she likes you.

If during a conversation or a walk your partner tries to turn their body to you, it is definitely a sign of their interest in you. Even when they keep their legs crossed, the toecap will be turned toward you for sure.

If a woman has happy feelings toward you, she will subconsciously try to bend her body toward you while keeping her back straight, hence making her figure look better.

Men, in this case, are trying to look bigger and stronger. They straighten themselves up with arms akimbo. During a conversation, they sometimes lean on a wall with their hand at the level of your shoulder to get into your personal space.

If you start to notice that your hands touch each other by chance very often (even if there is no real reason for it) or many specks of dust appear on your clothes that need to urgently be cleaned, you can be sure that the interest in you is high.

Sometimes you might notice that, after telling some joke, the person who told it is looking at you and waiting for your reaction. That is an obvious sign of liking; otherwise, whom was he doing his best for?

Men usually stop smiling widely around the age of 5-6 years. If you notice that a man near you is wearing a Hollywood smile, it can definitely mean that he is really happy, according to the words of the psychologist Patti Wood.

If you start to notice that a person has started to use the same gestures and intonations that you do, it doesn’t mean that he is your new fan or that he is trying to tease you. It is more likely that he likes you and is copying you subconsciously.

Something is going wrong. You need to talk.

You are always trying to say something to your partner, but it happens that it is inconvenient to speak: her body is turned away from you, she doesn’t look into your eyes, and she tries to keep a distance. These are all unconditional signs of problems and antipathy.

When your second half is trying to avoid intimacy, his kisses became quick and formal. If, when he is falling asleep, he turns away from you and sleeps in the fetal position, it is an alarm bell for your relationship.

If all your jokes are met with an insincere and strained smile or if your every initiative is followed by weak enthusiasm, it means that you are not interesting to your partner. You shouldn’t waste your time on them.

Body "blocks" during a conversation, such as crossed arms and legs, are a reason to think over if everything is fine in your relationship. If his voice is indistinct, his speech is edgy, and his eyes are always down, it is something worth paying attention to.

You also should be concerned if your man doesn’t follow simple rules of etiquette like not opening doors for you or not letting you go first. It is the same situation with girls: if she talks a lot on the phone, she forgets about you.

During a walk, if you fall behind and your partner doesn’t even look back or slow down, it means that your relationship has started to fade away.

Loving people tend to show care toward their beloved ones. If instead of straightening your clothes or smoothing your hair, they simply inform you that your hair is messy, you should think whether your relationship is still harmonious.

However, you should remember that these kinds of "symptoms" are not a sentence. They are only signals of misbalance in your relationship. It is important to notice them to be able to correct the situation in time!

Illustrated by Natalia Kulakova for Bright Side


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Definitely! On the very important issue of always being on the same page and not want you future husband to walk away due to a stressful situation or time in both of your lives where you guys are having to put your dreams on hold. Open communication is key!


Please make sure that your significant other is not on the autism-spectrum before you're going to accuse her / him to be willfully ignorant to you! Oftentimes we are just socially awkward and nonverbal clues are going over our heads and far away before we even had the chance to recognize them. What you can do instantly and unaware, we have to work around kognitively in our heads! And don't play the mirroring-game of projection with us, because it won't work! There are no hidden meanings or messages! Just DON'T! Because this is literally a dead end road!!! #actuallyAutistic


No. 2, when I saw it I thought kicking your partner is necessary 🤯🤣


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