The DNA Runs Strong and These 20 Family Members Show It Like No One Else

3 years ago

You may know that DNA determines our appearance, and that there are a lot of family members that really look alike. This list of people is proof of that. Even if you have to dig through your old family album, there’s always going to be someone you resemble.

We at Bright Side are amazed at the power of genetics and we compiled a series of pictures for our readers.

1. “Me and my dad: 1982 and 2021”

2. “My father and my son. Anyone see a close likeness?”

3. “Gee, do my sister and I look alike?”

4. “Family resemblance: My brother and I”

5. “Growing up, everyone told me I looked like my dad. I never really understood that until now.”

6. “My mom in 1990 and me in 2020!”

7. “Tried to do a ‘mom and I at the same age’ thing but turns out I look like my dad’s side.”

8. “Myself and my son 32 years later”

9. “Who wore it better?”

10. “My daughter and me with matching freckles!”

11. “The genes seem to run strong in my fiancé’s family.”

12. “Like mother, like daughter”

13. “30 years apart. My dad, age 21. Me, age 22. Same shirt. Same guitar.”

14. “Love you, Pops.”

15. “My high school picture freshman year in 2004 next to my dad’s senior picture in 1975”

16. “Me and my grandpa in medical school, 70 years apart (equally sleep deprived).”

17. “Grandpa, father, and myself. 3 generations of aviators.”

18. “Mom and daughter, like they just don’t care”

19. “My mom holding me, 1979, and my mom holding my daughter in the same dress, 2019”

20. “Like father, like son. Left: 1975. Right: 2012.”

Are there any look-alikes in your family? What do you all have in common?

Preview photo credit IneedThepiano / Reddit


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I don't own any family photos. Luckily with the Internet, generations to come wont have that problem.


I remember watching old home movies with my nanna. And I always knew who my mum a was as a baby because her and I were litterally identical twins as babies. the ONLY difference was that our mothers would brush our fridges the opposite side. My nanna would brush my mum's to the right and my mum would brush my fridge to the left


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