7-Year-Old Nick Jonas Watched His Future Wife Win Miss World 2000

10 months ago

In a remarkable story that seems straight out of a fairy tale, Priyanka Chopra reminisced about the time when she was crowned Miss World in 2000 while her future husband, Nick Jonas, was merely a seven-year-old boy. It was years later until Nick’s mom, Denise, told Priyanka about her clear memories of that special day.

Nick Jonas and his family watched her win Miss World 2000.

On a recent episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, the 40-year-old actress shared a heartwarming anecdote from her mother-in-law, Denise Miller-Jonas, which revealed that Nick had been watching her on television more than two decades before their paths crossed.

As Priyanka Chopra, now Chopra Jonas, recounted the story, she admitted, “That’s a crazy story.” She fondly remembered her mother-in-law sharing the surprising revelation that their family had watched her win the Miss World pageant in 2000, which marked the beginning of her immensely successful acting career that transitioned from Bollywood to Hollywood.

7-year-old Nick and 17-year-old Priyanka had no idea.

The actress said, “When I was 17, actually when I was 18, I had just turned 18, I won the Miss World pageant. This was in London. It was November.”

She admitted feeling like a “complete child” when she received the prestigious title and confessed, "I had no idea what I was doing or what this world entailed. She admitted that she didn’t practice a lot.

17-year-old Priyanka was unaware that her future husband, 7-year-old Nick Jonas, was also watching her win the Miss World 2000 along with his family in Texas.

Her mother-in-law vividly recalled the moment, ’’I remember it so clearly because it was November, Nick was on some Broadway show at 7 years old, his brother was on some Broadway show at 8 or 9.’’ She added that Nick’s dad was fond of watching pageants, and young Nick came and sat down to watch as Priyanka was crowned Miss World 2000.

“It was so weird,” Priyanka said, remembering their age gap when Nick was just a 7-year-old boy.

They’re written in the stars.

When asked if she believed that her relationship with Jonas was destined to be, Priyanka responded with a thoughtful “Maybe. I do.”

She went on to explain, “I do believe that people are meant to be with each other for whatever that duration in your life is supposed to be.” The actress believes that people cross paths because they are meant to create memories together.

Priyanka and Nick welcomed their first child, Malti Marie Chopra Jonas, in January 2022. They are currently enjoying their new role as a first-time mom and dad.

The story of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas is undoubtedly remarkable, filled with unexpected connections and a sense of destiny. From their separate worlds as a beauty queen and a young boy, their journey ultimately led them to build a life together, creating a love story that continues to captivate the world.


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