The Story of Madeline Stuart, a Supermodel With Down Syndrome and Autism, Who’s Thriving and Hasn’t Stopped Conquering New Heights

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There are 1.2 billion people with disabilities around the world. And it’s a good time for brands and fashion to become aware and be even more inclusive. Recently, this gap has started to be filled, and some positive changes are now happening in the world of fashion and beauty. Supermodel Madeline Stuart is a vivid example of the enlightenment that has been happening to the minds of trendsetters and beauty industry giants. Having Down syndrome and autism, this girl is climbing the Everest of the modeling world like a pro and proving that beauty will conquer the world.

Here at Bright Side, we already told you Madeline’s story, and we’d love for you to take a look at how her life has changed since we last met her a couple of years ago.

Madeline is not only a fashion star, but a role model.

Madeline Stuart is an Australian supermodel who has Down syndrome and autism. She has been described as the world’s first professional model who has Down syndrome. By her 25th birthday, she achieved such tremendous success in her career that her story might be a plot for another fairy tale to be passed on within generations. But she remains impressively modest and sincere, just like she used to be at the very start of her career.

Madeline has been used as a role model by many, and she was asked in an interview about her attitude toward her fame. She explained it by mentioning the traits that she has and takes pride in. She said, “People say I am as sweet as a button, kind, considerate, and the most loving human. I work hard, I do not have bad habits, and I do not swear. I think I am a good role model.

Madeline’s biggest joy is making her mom proud.

Madeline’s mom Rosanne is her biggest fan and her most avid spokesperson. She is never tired of telling the world how lucky she is to never have left Madeline’s side, even when, after Madeline’s birth, the doctor said that Rosanne’s life would be over, as her daughter had Down syndrome. Rosanne is now the most eloquent advocate for people with special needs, and she wants her daughter to be noticed everywhere.

“I think, as a mother, the hardest thing is making sure that your child isn’t invisible, that they’re accepted and that there’s equality for them. By the time I leave this planet, I want to have taught at least half of the world that it’s okay to have a disability,” she says in her interview.

In the meantime, Madeline is reaching new heights. Apart from being a supermodel and doing a $6,000,000 campaign for Hugo Boss, Madeline has managed to try herself in sports recently. She took part in the Noosa Special Triathlon and even encouraged her Instagram fans to come and join her for her 100 m swim, 3 km cycle, and 500 m run.

There’s now a film about Madeline’s life and career.

Documentary filmmaker Jane Magnusson accompanied Madeline and her mother Rosanne over 4 years, both on catwalks and in their private lives. And in 2020 gave us the story of Madeline in the form of a documentary film called “Maddy the Model.”

It was presented at the Zurich Film Festival and gained wide recognition. Madeline had a chance to not only try herself as an actress, but deliver her own story to the whole world. The film represents a courageous girl who puts all of the modern ideas of identity and beauty to the test.

Madeline’s mom revealed some details about filming the documentary and the process in her interview. To make it all happen, Madeline and Rosanne were interviewed via email. It was the best option to allow Madeline to express her thoughts with her mom’s assistance.

While people with Down syndrome have some differences in perceiving the world, the very idea of being followed around by cameras for years seemed like a daunting experience. But Madeline coped brilliantly. “Madeline says it was amazing,” says her mom Rosanne.

Madeline’s life changed so much, and she keeps inspiring many people.

The changes that have come as a result of her fame are as powerful as a tornado for Madeline and her mom. Rosanne says, “We went from being average people that went shopping once a week, and a night out was the cinema, to a life where we were flying all over the world, living in hotels 9 months of the year, meeting Presidents and celebrities, doing more in one day than we had done in a month previously, sleeping very little, and fighting for acceptance every day.”

With all that fame, Madeline has a very noble dream. She says, “My dream is to be happy, to travel. I miss travel so much. I miss New York every day, I miss the catwalks and all the friends I made overseas. I miss working every day, I really miss life before March last year. My dream is to be able to advocate internationally.”

What part of Madeline’s story impressed and inspired you the most? Who is your model to follow in the fashion and movie world?


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