“The Sun Is Eating You Up,” a 28-Year-Old Mom Has the Perfect Answer to Haters Saying She Looks Old for Her Age

5 months ago

In a world saturated with filtered photos and perfected images, social media influencer Courtney Ball recently took a bold step by sharing an unfiltered glimpse of her natural self on TikTok. The influencer, known for her honesty and authenticity, aimed to normalize aging and promote self-love, but the comments left everyone in shock.

The TikTok video

Courtney Ball is a 28-year-old influencer who recently entered the trend of posting “raw videos” of herself. Ball’s video showcased her freckled complexion without makeup, together with a candid acknowledgment of her “imperfections”. She confessed to having wrinkles, freckles, sunspots, breakouts, discoloration and called them all very normal.

The empowering message, however, was met with mixed reactions from social media users. While many applauded her for embracing her natural beauty, others resorted to negative comments, criticizing her appearance and suggesting she needed to protect her skin from the sun, saying that “the sun was eating her up.”

Her answer to haters

Undeterred by the trolls, Ball shared in an interview that she is confident in herself and usually lets negativity bounce off. However, she expressed disappointment in the extent of negativity people felt forced to spread online. Despite the negative comments, a wave of positivity flooded in, drowning out the critics and reinforcing the message of self-acceptance.

The influencer explained that her decision to post the video came from a desire to counter the prevalent culture of filtered perfection on social media. Ball hoped to remind those feeling pressured to undergo cosmetic procedures that they can embrace their natural beauty without conforming to external standards.

The follow-up videos

With over 8 million views, the video quickly went viral, becoming a platform for discussions on self-love and authenticity. To address concerns raised by critics, Ball posted follow-up videos clarifying misconceptions. Notably, she emphasized that she does wear sunscreen, answering assumptions that her freckles and sunspots were a result of negligence.

In one of her follow-up videos, Ball acknowledged that she made mistakes in her skincare routine, attributing some skin issues to her early naivety when she lived in a tropical climate. Highlighting the aspects of her skin that could use some attention, Ball clarified that the dark spots beneath her eyes were because she lacked sleep being a mom to a toddler. Additionally, she attributed the presence of crow’s feet to a genetic predisposition within her family and noted that she has had numerous freckles since birth.

Despite her openness about her skincare journey, she reiterated that true beauty comes from within and cannot be achieved through external measures like sunscreen or plastic surgery.

Her own battles

Ball, who has overcome body dysmorphia and eating disorders, shared that her sense of confidence was hard-earned through self-love and acceptance. She remembered that, as a young girl, she was fixated on being perfect, and with age, she realized that’s just not reality. Her journey serves as an inspiration to others, as she encourages followers to embrace their unique beauty and not succumb to societal pressures.

As she continues to inspire positive change, Ball is committed to posting uplifting content on TikTok, hoping to help others shift their perspectives and feel more comfortable in their own skin. To her haters, she offers a simple piece of advice: to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. She asks people to not worry so much about wrinkles and to live their lives to the fullest.

In a world obsessed with perfection, Ball’s message resonates as a refreshing reminder to embrace authenticity and prioritize self-love.


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