The Visual Heights of 15 Celebrities Who Actually Surprised Us a Little

2 years ago

We know of celebrities for their talent and charisma, but we never really think about how tall they are. It is said that taller people are more dominant and acquire a higher social status, while short people may live longer, so these celebrities might just obtain these special qualities.

Bright Side has gathered 15 photos of celebrities whose heights aren’t really what we expected them to be.

1. Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Aniston, and Zendaya

2. Adele, Nicole Kidman, and Elizabeth Debicki

3. Angelina Jolie, Karlie Kloss, and Gwendoline Christie

4. Tyra Banks, Blake Lively, and Famke Janssen

5. Eva Longoria, Uma Thurman, and Brooke Shields

Were you surprised by any of these celebrities’ heights? How tall did you think they were?


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