These Birds Look Like Strawberries That Grow Right From Tree Branches

2 years ago

Finches are birds that can be found in many places. There are many species within this large bird family, and while some of them are grayish-brown and look like sparrows, others can blow your imagination with their mesmerizing looks.

Here at Bright Side, we want you to meet 2 gorgeous finch species: the great rosefinch and the strawberry finch. While the female birds of these species are mostly greyish, the male ones look stunning, dressed in scarlet and pink and covered with white dots all over their bodies.

Great rosefinches

A female great rosefinch

Strawberry finches

Had you ever heard of these amazing birds before you read our article? What’s the most beautiful or unusual bird you’ve ever seen? If you have a picture of it, please show it to us in the comments!

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