This Bottle Will Motivate You to Drink Enough Water Throughout the Day (and 5 More Items That Promote a Healthier Lifestyle)

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Living a healthier life is an idea that sounds appealing to many of us. While your way to a healthier lifestyle can be tough and challenging, there are plenty of tools and accessories that can make this journey easier and more enjoyable. Right now, Amazon offers a bunch of items for a healthier living with discounts. And this is a sign to change your lifestyle and pick up some good habits.

We start with an inspiring water bottle that will encourage you to drink enough liquids, and move on to kitchen tools that will help you cook balanced and tasty dishes.

1. This large motivational water bottle with a straw will guarantee you drink enough water during the day (no excuses!). As you drink, you read encouraging messages that help you stay motivated and finish your drink. Now you can get a discount by using a 6% voucher from the seller (the voucher applies to specified items).

Time markers and inspirational quotes on the bottle make it easier to measure your daily intake of water. The built-in straw has a dust cover which guarantees the straw is always clean. The bottle has a handle which makes it easier to carry it around wherever you go. The handle can also be used as a phone holder for your ultimate convenience.

Promising review: Yes, this water bottle raises a lot of eyebrows and gets me lots of questions, but I absolutely love this water bottle. I don’t have access to drinking water at my work where I work in very hot conditions. I’ve spent years bringing several bottles to work with me, which frankly is a bit of a nuisance. It’s been great to simply fill this up along with one other bottle and that’s all I need. It’s a great and easy way also to help make sure I’m getting the amount of fluids I need in a day. @Mrs J.

Buy the motivational water bottle on Amazon HERE

2. With this bamboo steamer made from organic materials, it becomes so much easier to cook healthy and tasty food. The steamer is durable and strong and is a perfect choice if you like cooking steamed vegetables, fish, and meat. The size of the steamer will allow you to use it with most pots and pans.

The stackable 2-tier design will let you cook different foods simultaneously. The steamer is also easy to clean and store: you can simply give it a quick rinse after each use and dry it before storing.

Promising review: I bought this steamer for my son, he’s really getting into cooking in a big way. The steamer is small, but holds a surprising amount of food. He had some vegetables and some Chinese dumplings in there and there was still some room left! It is sturdy and robust and I would definitely recommend this product. @Cindy Gaunt

Buy the bamboo steamer on Amazon HERE

3. Choose this powerful citrus juicer if you like to start your day with a glass of fresh orange juice. This professional juicer is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a non-drip system. Its universal cone suits all shapes of citrus fruit which means you don’t have to limit your juice menu to just oranges.

The lever requires the minimum force to juice, which makes using this appliance pretty easy. It is also easy to clean as it features dishwasher-safe parts.

Promising review: I’ve had a few juicers in my life, but this one is the best yet. It is easy to use and very easy to clean. It gets all the juice out of your fruit and is super quick. I got the 300-watt version which looks pretty stylish too! Much better than some of the more expensive ones I’ve had. @Karin

Buy the citrus juicer on Amazon HERE

4. This lunch box, which comes together with a spoon and a fork, will let you take your favorite dishes wherever you go. With this container, there’s no need to look for fast (and, perhaps, not so healthy) snacks, as you can carry all your healthy food with you and eat it whenever you get hungry.

The size of the container is specially designed for portion control, and it will help you manage your food intake. The 2 separate food compartments will help you store different foods separately. This lunch box also looks stylish!

Promising review: I’ve been testing the box for a couple of days now, and it’s a great product. It’s totally leak-proof, and it comes with cutlery. It’s really easy to clean, and you can fit a really nice quantity of food in it. I would really recommend this. It has motivated me to make nice varied lunches for myself. @Kindle Customer

Buy the lunch box on Amazon HERE

5. With this vegetable slicer that has 4 cutting modes, preparing fresh salads is as easy as 1, 2, 3! This small but versatile tool can be used to dice, chop, slice, or chip different kinds of vegetables, and it is safe to use. The catch container of the slicer will guarantee your kitchen table will be clean while you cook.

With 4 different cutting modes and 40 variable cutting thicknesses that are easily adjustable via control knobs, you can create 160 cutting styles!

Promising review: The unit appears to be well-made and cleverly designed. I used it for the first time to learn from the instruction leaflet that was supplied, and from watching a YouTube video on Amazon.
It took a little while to find and operate the various controls, but once you know where to look it becomes very easy to assemble, operate, and pack the unit away. The results for the vegetables I tried were great and with a little experimentation, I could produce anything I wanted. I did not try making potato chips, but I feel sure that various sizes could be produced easily and quickly. It would be interesting to try making my own potato crisps with the slicer set very low. Cleaning the unit after use and removing traces of vegetables from all the various sections was a bit tricky, but the narrow brush that was provided was very helpful in this. Overall I am very impressed and would not hesitate to recommend it. @Howard Wills

Buy the vegetable slicer on Amazon HERE

6. If you’re a fan of dishes with healthy dressings, try this little dressing shaker. It has a mess-free design with a top lever that can be operated with one hand, which makes using this shaker super easy. The lever flips back for pouring and forward for sealing.

The shaker has a wide opening to accommodate a wide range of ingredients, so you can prepare a complex dressing with this tool. The shaker is made of break-resistant and dishwasher-safe materials.

Promising review: I’ve had this for nearly a year now and it’s fantastic. Easy to hold, never leaks, and pours great. Cleans in the dishwasher (the measurement marks have stayed put). I use it daily. @Tweak

Buy the dressing shaker on Amazon HERE

Which tools and appliances for a healthier lifestyle would you like to try and why?

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