This Young Man Proved That Not Even Narcolepsy Can Stop You From Chasing Your Dreams

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Many people love to sleep, but can you imagine having no control over when you drift off? For example, what would happen if you fell asleep in the middle of a class, at an important dinner party, or even while in the middle of a conversation? It’s not your fault, even if others think it is, but your eyes suddenly close and sleep takes over your body. Adrian is a 19-year-old who suffers from narcolepsy, a disease that prevents him from having a regular routine like any other person. However, that hasn’t stopped him from fighting for his dreams.

He and his mother, Tessy Morote, shared with Bright Side how they cope with this situation and how they’ve managed to overcome the many obstacles life has put in their way and not give up.

The beginning of a struggle in the face of an unexpected diagnosis

Courtesy of Tessy Morote for Bright Side, Courtesy of Tessy Morote for Bright Side

It all started when Adrian turned 12 years old. He began to experience small but constant problems in his daily life. He also started falling asleep in strange places like the middle of a classroom, so his teachers thought he was a child who had no manners or that he wasn’t interested in studying. After that, his parents decided to run some tests, and it turned out that their son had a pituitary tumor (that’s basically an abnormal growth in the tissues of a gland located in the brain). At first, they thought that could be the cause of his excessive sleeping, but a neurologist explained to them that sleep had nothing to do with it. After a while, they discovered that Adrian suffered from narcolepsy.

Courtesy of Tessy Morote for Bright Side, Courtesy of Tessy Morote for Bright Side

Receiving that piece of news was not an easy pill to swallow. They didn’t know anything about the disease nor did they have anyone close to them who suffered from the same condition that could guide them in any way. And that’s where their fight began. They had to investigate their son’s condition thoroughly, finding out what exactly having this disorder meant and how it affected people in order to find a solution together as a family. “It wasn’t easy, but I’m convinced that love can do it all. He is my oldest son, and he came to this world to change my life. He is one of my 3 reasons for waking up every day and keeping going. My children are my world and all this has helped us to remain united as a family. Even the youngest ones help me with Adrian when we have to wake him up. We try to see the positive side of everything. We believe everything happens for a reason,” Tessy explained to Bright Side.

Courtesy of Tessy Morote for Bright Side

A young man who never stops dreaming, no matter what the circumstances are

Courtesy of Tessy Morote for Bright Side

In spite of the disease he suffers from, Adrian has not given up on his dreams. He is now studying marketing, he likes to watch TV series, write stories, and read other people’s stories in order to discover worlds that allow him to develop his own imagination. One of his dreams is to leave his mark on the world through his stories. “My thought is: Yes, I’m sleeping. So what? I walk, I breathe, I know how to read, I write, I’m educated, and I have friends. I’m just like everyone else, only I have a different life, so I just have to get back up when I fall,” he said.

The day to day life of Adrian, who tries to be aware all the time

Courtesy of Tessy Morote for Bright Side

Adrian tries to carry out a regular routine, much like anyone else. He still acknowledges that it’s a little more complicated for him. In order to stay alert in his classes, he has to take medication, and when he goes out, he only uses a few cell phone applications that help prevent any incidents from occurring or that help him reach his destination. Another thing that helps him stay awake is music. Adrian has had to adapt and look for the best ways to continue with his life.

Courtesy of Tessy Morote for Bright Side

Although his illness is not that common and many people don’t understand it, Adrian has always had the support of his family, and fortunately, throughout his journey, he has found friends and other people who have been able to understand him and support him when he’s needed it most. “From the first day we heard about this condition, I decided not to get tired. I try to raise awareness about this disease, especially in Peru where it’s practically unknown, and although it is difficult for me, I give my son the confidence and trust he needs. I’m afraid to let him go out since he may suddenly fall asleep, but he’s a man now and I’ve learned to trust that everything will be all right,” admitted his mother.

Courtesy of Tessy Morote for Bright Side

In spite of everything, there are also good moments.

Courtesy of Tessy Morote for Bright Side

Many people might find it difficult to understand the complexities of falling asleep anywhere without any kind of warning. But Adrian also looks at the bright side and finds any opportunity to have some fun. “When I was in school, the directors took so much time organizing athletic training, so I tried to fall asleep while standing up once. I asked them to wake me up when it was all over. At first, they didn’t believe that I had fallen asleep, but I did, in the middle of training,” he said. He claims that there have been no such awful moments and that his illness has taught him about patience and perseverance, even more so at school.

“I repeated a school year since I started falling asleep during exams and had to solve everything faster. While everyone else was finishing up, I was rushing through half of the exam. I just know that life doesn’t end when you make a mistake. It’s like Rocky Balboa used to say: ’No one will hit as hard as life, but no matter how hard it hits, in those moments we must resist, get up, get better and keep going,’” he said.

On her end, Tessy shared that her son has taught her not to give up and to keep moving forward, no matter how difficult the journey becomes. “Don’t lose faith. Sometimes, as a mother, you feel like you’re in a hopeless situation, but having the satisfaction of seeing your child achieve things, no matter what his or her condition is, makes you feel such joy and pride. When Adrian finished high school, they gave him a moment to speak at the closing ceremony and that filled me with pride. He made it, and the upcoming milestones are still the most beautiful to come. They make your heart and your life full,” she said.

A promising future for an unstoppable fighter

Courtesy of Tessy Morote for Bright Side

Many times, mocking or judging a person without knowing their story seems like the easiest thing to do. But that hasn’t bothered Adrian, who never stops thinking about how he can continue to grow and improve, even if that seems to be against all odds. He has a family that stands by him and supports him in this journey of life. The most important thing for this young man is to finish his career, find a job, and to not let anything stop him from reaching his goals. We’re sure that he will continue to find a way to stay in the fight and succeed at anything he sets his mind to.

What would you do in Adrian’s position? How would you act if you had a child with narcolepsy? What message of encouragement could you give to this great fighter of life? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit Courtesy of Tessy Morote for Bright Side


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