Top 16 Scary Movies to Watch on Netflix; Get Ready for a Frightening Experience

5 months ago

Netflix is your haunted haven for a good scare, packed with a vast selection of scary movies to watch that will test your limits and tickle your terror bone. But with so many chilling choices, it’s hard to know where to start. Worry not, brave adventurers!

This guide unveils 16 scariest movies currently streaming on Netflix, guaranteed to send shivers down your spine and have you clutching your blanket at every creak and groan. Prepare to scream, jump, and maybe even peek through your fingers as we explore the best spine tinglers Netflix has to offer. So grab your popcorn, or maybe a stress ball, dim the lights, and get ready for a truly frightening experience.


Our first movie on the list is a suspenseful horror film about a deaf and mute author named Maddie Young (played by Kate Siegel) who lives a secluded life in the woods. Maddie’s world is one of silence, punctuated only by the sounds of nature and the vibrations of her own movements. But her peaceful existence is shattered when a masked killer (played by John Gallagher Jr.) appears at her window.

The killer, known only as “The Man,” is a sadistic predator who enjoys toying with his victims before delivering the final blow. He taunts Maddie through her windows and doors, leaving her feeling helpless and vulnerable. But Maddie is no damsel in distress. She is a resourceful and determined survivor who refuses to go down without a fight.

Using her keen senses and her understanding of the silent world, Maddie outsmarts and evades The Man at every turn. The film becomes a tense game of cat and mouse, as Maddie sets traps and uses her environment to her advantage.

Hush is a masterfully crafted thriller that is as inventive as it is suspenseful. Director Mike Flanagan creates a palpable sense of dread throughout the film, and the silence itself becomes a character, adding to the overall tension. The performances are also excellent, with Siegel delivering a tour-de-force performance as Maddie.

2. Apostle

In the bleak yet strangely beautiful year of 1905, a desolate island shrouded in mist serves as the setting for Gareth Evans’ chilling neo-noir horror film, Apostle. Dan Stevens embodies Thomas Richardson, a man driven by desperation to rescue his kidnapped sister, Jennifer, from the clutches of a mysterious religious cult that resides on this remote slice of land.

Led by the captivating sinister Prophet Malcolm, played with unsettling charisma by Michael Sheen, the cult promises salvation through a twisted interpretation of faith. They claim to have tamed the island’s barren fields through the power of blood sacrifice, cultivating an unsettling blend of hope and dread within their insular community.

But as Thomas infiltrates this seemingly idyllic society, the mask of devotion slips, revealing a darkness far more insidious than he could have ever imagined. Corruption festers beneath the surface, mirroring the societal ills the cult claims to reject. The lines between fanaticism and truth blur, leaving Thomas questioning not only the fate of his sister but the very foundations of his own beliefs.

Apostle is a masterfully woven tapestry of genres, seamlessly blending psychological horror with the edge-of-your-seat thrills of a suspenseful mystery. It weaves elements of folk horror into the narrative, injecting unsettling rituals and ancient pagan beliefs that send shivers down the spine.

The film is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared for gruesome visuals and moments of intense violence, all meticulously crafted to amplify the unsettling atmosphere. Yet, the sheer brilliance of the storytelling and the haunting performances, particularly Stevens’ portrayal of a man teetering on the brink of sanity, make Apostle a captivating experience.

3. Incantation

Incantation weaves a chilling tale of a desperate mother, Li Ronan, battling a deadly curse to save her daughter, Dodo. Six years prior, a reckless expedition to a remote village led Ronan and her friends to break a sacred taboo, unleashing unimaginable horrors. Now, with Dodo bearing the brunt of the curse, Ronan documents her frantic search for answers, recording rituals, chanting incantations, and confronting the terrifying supernatural entities unleashed by her actions. Add this spine-tingling movie to your list of scary movies to watch on Netflix for an unforgettable exploration of the supernatural.

Filmed in found-footage style, the movie blurs the lines between reality and fiction, drawing viewers into Ronan’s harrowing first-person perspective. It utilizes religious iconography, disturbing imagery, and a pervasive sense of dread to create a truly unsettling atmosphere. The unique format adds another layer of terror, as Ronan directly addresses the audience, urging them to memorize symbols and chant along — inviting them to participate in the desperate fight against the curse.

Incantation is a thought-provoking and deeply unsettling horror experience that will stay with you long after the credits roll. So, if you’re looking for a chilling film that dares to engage you in its narrative, be prepared for a wild ride — but proceed with caution if you’re easily disturbed.

4. Get Out

Step into the unsettling world of Get Out (2017), a genre-bending horror film that masterfully blends suspense, thrills, and social commentary. Directed by Jordan Peele in his directorial debut, the movie follows Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya), a young Black man venturing to his white girlfriend Rose Armitage’s (Allison Williams) family estate for the weekend.

Beyond the chilling thrills, the movie packs a powerful punch with its social commentary. Peele uses horror as a lens to explore complex themes of race relations, cultural appropriation, and the legacy of slavery in America. The film sparks uncomfortable conversations and challenges viewers to confront their own biases.

The performances are phenomenal, with Kaluuya delivering a nuanced and captivating portrayal of Chris. He embodies the character’s growing unease and fear with stunning accuracy. Williams matches his intensity as Rose, caught between loyalty to her family and a dawning realization of their dark secret.

The movie is a critical and commercial success, a film that has resonated deeply with audiences. It garnered numerous accolades, including the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. More importantly, it sparked vital conversations about race and representation in cinema and beyond.

Whether you’re a horror aficionado or simply seeking a thought-provoking and suspenseful experience, Get Out is a must-watch. So, buckle up for a wild ride of thrills, chills, and crucial social commentary that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

5. Veronica

The Spanish Veronica (2017) delves into chilling territory, weaving a tale of teenage curiosity gone wrong. In the dimly lit suburbs of Madrid, 15-year-old Veronica and her friends Diana and Belén decide to dabble in the forbidden, conducting an Ouija board ritual in an attempt to contact Veronica’s deceased father.

Their playful curiosity takes a sharp turn into the realm of terror as they accidentally summon a powerful and sinister entity. What begins as innocent curiosity quickly spirals into a nightmare as Veronica becomes the focus of the entity’s relentless torment. Strange occurrences plague her, from disturbing visions and physical manifestations to an overwhelming sense of dread that permeates her everyday life.

As the lines between reality and the supernatural blur, Veronica desperately seeks help from her older sister and a skeptical priest. But the entity proves cunning and manipulative, using Veronica’s vulnerabilities to gain a foothold in the physical world. The movie masterfully builds suspense, weaving psychological horror with elements of religious iconography and folklore.

The film’s grainy aesthetic and chilling performances, particularly by Sandra Escacena as Veronica, contribute to a palpable sense of unease that lingers long after the credits roll. So, if you’re looking for a genuinely terrifying experience that explores the consequences of meddling with the unknown, be warned: Veronica will leave you with goosebumps and a racing heart.

6. Hereditary

Hereditary (2018) is a chilling masterpiece of psychological horror that burrows deep into the complexities of grief and family trauma, all interwoven with an unsettling layer of the supernatural. The film centers around the Graham family, reeling from the death of their matriarch, Ellen. Annie, the grief-stricken daughter (played by Toni Collette in a tour-de-force performance), grapples with overwhelming emotions while her teenage son Peter and withdrawn daughter Charlie withdraw further into themselves.

As Annie delves deeper into her mother’s hidden past, she uncovers a disturbing legacy of mental illness and possible occult practices. This descent into darkness unveils cryptic symbols, unsettling miniatures, and whispers of a sinister Paimon, blurring the lines between reality and the supernatural. The movie received widespread critical acclaim for its originality, suspenseful atmosphere, and powerful performances. Collette’s portrayal of Annie is particularly lauded, garnering numerous awards and nominations.

7. The Ritual

In the lush depths of Swedish wilderness lies a creeping dread in the form of The Ritual (2017), a British folk horror film that will leave you chilled to the bone. It’s not just your typical monster-in-the-woods scenario; it delves into themes of grief, masculinity, and the primal fear of the unknown. The story revolves around four friends, Phil, Dom, Hutch, and Luke, on a backpacking trip through the Kungsleden trail in memory of their deceased friend Rob. After Dom suffers an injury, they decide to take a shortcut through the dense forest, a decision that unleashes a cascade of unsettling events.

As they venture deeper, strange occurrences begin to plague them. Eerie animal carcasses, unsettling symbols carved into trees, and the unnerving feeling of being watched create a palpable sense of unease. Soon, they encounter a terrifying entity, an ancient pagan god residing in the heart of the forest, with a hunger for human sacrifice.

So, if you’re looking for a horror film that will stay with you long after the lights come back on, one that delves into the darkness within ourselves and the terrifying potential of the natural world, then The Ritual is a must-watch. Just be prepared for a wild ride that will leave you questioning what lurks in the shadows, both within and without.

8. Mister Babadook

Mister Babadook (2014) creeps into your home and burrows into your deepest fears, weaving a chilling tale of grief, motherhood, and the monster that lurks within us all. Set in a gloomy Australian suburb, the film follows Amelia (Essie Davis), a single mother struggling to raise her six-year-old son Samuel (Noah Wiseman) after the violent death of her husband. Samuel, already prone to anxiety, becomes increasingly withdrawn and obsessed with a monstrous figure he calls The Babadook after discovering a mysterious pop-up storybook.

As Amelia tries to dismiss Samuel’s fears, strange occurrences plague their home. Doors slam shut on their own, shadows whisper in the corners, and a creeping sense of dread pervades the atmosphere. It soon becomes clear that The Babadook is more than just a figment of Samuel’s imagination, but a malevolent entity drawn to their grief and despair.

A horror film that will stay with you long after the credits roll, one that delves into the depths of human psychology and confronts the darkest corners of our minds, is Mister Babadook. Just prepare to open your heart, face your fears, and maybe keep a nightlight handy. Include this hair-raising film in your roster of scary movies to watch on Netflix for an unforgettable journey into the realm of the supernatural.

9. The Conjuring

Step into the chilling world of The Conjuring (2013), a supernatural horror film that will send shivers down your spine and make you think twice about shadows lurking in the corners. Based on the purportedly true experiences of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), the film delves into the terrifying events that plagued the Perron family after moving into a haunted Rhode Island farmhouse in 1971.

The seemingly idyllic farmhouse soon reveals its dark secrets as the Perrons experience escalating disturbances. Cold spots, disembodied voices, and objects moving on their own become their new reality. Their daughters are particularly targeted, with young Christine witnessing terrifying apparitions and sleepwalking onto the roof in a trance-like state. As the phenomena intensify, the Perrons turn to Ed and Lorraine for help, desperate to reclaim their peaceful life.

The movie masterfully blends elements of suspense, jump scares, and psychological horror to create a truly unsettling experience. The film relies on practical effects and chilling atmosphere rather than over-the-top gore, making the scares feel grounded and believable. Wilson and Farmiga deliver phenomenal performances as the Warrens, conveying their empathy for the Perrons and their unwavering determination to confront the evil spirit.

So, if you’re looking for a horror film that will leave you checking the locks on your doors and sleeping with the lights on, The Conjuring is a must-watch. Just be prepared for a terrifying journey into the realm of the unknown, where shadows hold secrets and whispers carry warnings.

10. Eli

Eli (2019) delves into the chilling world of a young boy battling a rare autoimmune disease that forces him to live in isolation, wrapped in a protective suit resembling an astronaut’s. Eli (played by the captivating Charlie Shotwell) lives in a sterile bubble, unable to experience the world beyond the confines of his plastic chamber. His desperate parents, Rose (Kelly Reilly) and Paul (Max Martini), seek a cure for Eli’s condition and turn to Dr.

Isabella Horn (Lili Taylor), a mysterious doctor who runs a secluded medical facility. Hope flickers as Eli is admitted and undergoes Dr. Horn’s unconventional treatment methods. But as Eli starts experiencing strange side effects and unsettling visions, his bubble begins to crack, revealing a darkness lurking beneath the surface.

The film masterfully blends elements of medical thriller with psychological horror. As Eli’s condition worsens and his reality becomes increasingly distorted, viewers are left questioning what’s real and what’s a figment of his deteriorating mind. Dr. Horn’s motives come into question, and the once-hopeful facility begins to feel like a sinister prison.

Eli’s fight for survival becomes intertwined with a battle against the unknown, forcing him to confront his deepest fears and unleash hidden powers he never knew he possessed. So, if you’re looking for a horror film that goes beyond jump scares and delves into the complexities of human existence, Eli is a must-watch. Just be prepared for a mind-bending journey that will leave you questioning the nature of reality and the lengths we’d go to for survival.

11. Bird Box

In Bird Box (2018), Sandra Bullock delivers a captivating performance as Malorie Hayes, a mother navigating a post-apocalyptic world shrouded in unseen terror. Five years after mysterious entities drove most of the humanity to suicide by manifesting their worst fears, Malorie and her two young children, Boy and Girl (both played by Vivien Lyra Blair), seek refuge along a treacherous river.

The catch? They must embark on this perilous journey blindfolded. Seeing these unseen creatures means instant, horrifying death, forcing Malorie to rely solely on her senses and unwavering maternal instinct to protect her children. The river itself presents dangers, from rushing rapids to lurking predators, leaving their survival hanging by a thread.

The movie is more than just a horror film; it’s a story about resilience, resourcefulness, and the unwavering bond between mother and child. It explores themes of trust, fear, and the importance of hope in the face of unimaginable darkness.

Director Susanne Bier creates a hauntingly beautiful and tense atmosphere, making you feel just as vulnerable and on edge as Malorie and her children. Bird Box is a gripping and thought-provoking horror film that will stay with you long after the credits roll. Just be prepared for a sensory experience that will challenge your comfort zone and leave you pondering the darkness, both within and around us.

12. The Orphanage

In the Spanish gothic horror masterpiece The Orphanage (2007), Laura García (played by Belén Rueda) returns to the crumbling seaside orphanage where she spent her childhood. Filled with bittersweet memories, she plans to renovate the building and turn it into a home for disabled children.

But her idealistic ambitions soon take a chilling turn. Laura’s son Simón (Roger Príncep), a sweet and imaginative boy, claims to have befriended a mysterious boy named Tomás who resides in the orphanage. He draws unsettling pictures of Tomás wearing a sack mask, fueling Laura’s curiosity and unease. As she delves deeper into the orphanage’s history, Laura uncovers a tragic backstory, involving the disappearance of several children, including one named Tomás years ago.

Haunted by these revelations and increasingly convinced of Tomás’ presence, Laura’s grip on reality starts to loosen. She experiences strange occurrences, hears whispers and disembodied voices, and witnesses fleeting glimpses of the sack-masked figure. Meanwhile, Simón’s health takes a worrying turn, adding to Laura’s mounting anxiety. Belén Rueda delivers a powerhouse performance as Laura, a woman consumed by grief and teetering on the edge of sanity.

The film explores themes of loss, motherhood, and the lasting impact of childhood trauma, making it a deeply affecting and thought-provoking experience. So, if you’re looking for a captivating horror film that will leave you pondering the shadows both within and around us, The Orphanage is a must-watch. Just be prepared for a chilling journey that will linger long after the credits roll.

13. Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In (2008), Låt den rätte komma in, is a chilling Swedish romantic horror film that delves into the unlikely friendship between Oskar, a 12-year-old boy, and Eli, a mysterious pale girl his age who moves in next door with an older man. Set in the bleak winter of early 1980s Stockholm, Oskar finds solace in his dark fantasies of revenge against his tormentors.

But his lonely world takes a turn when Eli arrives. Initially apprehensive, Eli warns Oskar they can’t be friends, yet they’re drawn to each other. They communicate through Morse code tapped on their adjoining walls, sharing secrets and finding solace in their shared sense of isolation.

As their bond deepens, Oskar learns Eli’s dark secret: she’s a vampire who survives on animal blood. While horrified, Oskar chooses to accept her, leading to a tender and complex relationship that blossoms amidst the brutal backdrop of winter. However, their connection attracts unwanted attention, forcing them to confront their vulnerabilities and fight for their fragile existence.

The movie is more than just a vampire story; it’s a poignant exploration of loneliness, childhood trauma, and the transformative power of friendship. The film masterfully blends moments of tender intimacy with suspenseful encounters, creating a chilling yet emotionally resonant experience. A horror film that stays with you long after the credits roll, one that explores the complexities of human connection and the darkness within us all, is Let the Right One In.

14. I Am Mother

I Am Mother (2019) weaves a chilling and thought-provoking tale set in a post-apocalyptic world decimated by an extinction event. Humanity clings to survival within an automated bunker, where Mother (voiced by Rose Byrne), a benevolent robot, tirelessly works to repopulate the Earth. Mother’s sole project is Daughter (Clara Rugaard), a teenage girl raised in isolation within the sterile confines of the bunker.

The Daughter thirsts for knowledge about the outside world, forbidden by Mother due to its hazardous atmosphere. Mother patiently educates Daughter, instilling in her the skills and values deemed necessary for humanity’s future.

The movie excels in its blend of science fiction, thriller, and coming-of-age themes. The film delivers stunning visuals, showcasing the desolate beauty of the post-apocalyptic landscape. Performances are captivating, with Rugaard bringing a nuanced vulnerability to Daughter and Byrne providing a chilling yet strangely empathetic voice to Mother.

The film poses profound questions about technological dependency, artificial intelligence, and the nature of motherhood. It explores themes of trust, betrayal, and the lengths we would go to protect those we love. So, if you’re looking for a thought-provoking film that will stay with you long after the credits roll, I Am Mother is a must-watch. Just be prepared for a thrilling and emotional journey that will challenge your expectations of what it means to be human in a world irrevocably changed.

15. The Killing of a Sacred Deer

In The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017), director Yorgos Lanthimos crafts a chilling and unsettling psychological thriller that burrows beneath the surface of seemingly perfect lives. Steven Murphy (Colin Farrell), a successful surgeon, witnesses a horrific accident involving Martin (Barry Keoghan), a troubled teenage boy. Driven by guilt and a strange sense of obligation, Steven takes Martin under his wing, welcoming him into his family.

This unsettling act of kindness sets off a chain reaction of disturbing events. Martin’s presence disrupts the Murphys’ idyllic existence, as he manipulates, threatens, and sows discord within their household. Steven and Anna (Nicole Kidman), his wife, find themselves caught in a web of psychological torment, forced to confront their own hidden secrets and face agonizing choices. The film is masterfully ambiguous, leaving viewers to grapple with questions of guilt, responsibility, and the nature of evil.

The performances are phenomenal, with Keoghan’s unsettlingly blank stare and Farrell’s descent into desperation creating a palpable sense of tension and unease. The Killing of a Sacred Deer is a film that will stay with you long after the credits roll, one that challenges your perceptions and lingers in the corners of your mind. Just be prepared for a dark and unsettling journey that will push the boundaries of your comfort zone.

16. Run Rabbit Run

Our last suggestions on the list of scary movies to watch on Netflix In the chilling Run Rabbit Run (2023), Sarah, a successful fertility doctor with a seemingly perfect life, starts noticing unsettling changes in her seven-year-old daughter Mia. Mia claims to be Alice, Sarah’s deceased sister, and exhibits strange behaviors and disturbing knowledge of Alice’s life. Sarah’s attempts to dismiss these claims as childhood fantasies crumble as Mia’s behavior escalates.

Whispers of past family secrets, unsettling objects linked to Alice’s disappearance, and Mia’s growing obsession with rabbits create a suffocating atmosphere of unease. Sarah is forced to confront a nightmarish possibility: is Mia possessed by Alice’s spirit, or is there something even more sinister at play?

The film weaves psychological horror with elements of family drama and mystery, keeping viewers guessing until the final chilling revelation. Sarah’s journey becomes a fight to protect her daughter and confront the ghosts of her own past, blurring the lines between reality and the supernatural.

As you embark on a chilling cinematic journey into the world of horror, explore spine-tingling movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover a curated list of scary movies to watch on Netflix that promise to send shivers down your spine. Remember to take a deep breath and brace yourself for the hair-raising experiences that await. Stay tuned for our next article, where we’ll switch gears and delve into 10 light-hearted comedies guaranteed to lift your spirits and make you burst into laughter. Get ready to trade scares for smiles with our carefully selected collection.


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