Travel Expert Shares a Smart Suitcase Safety Tip That Can Save You from Thieves

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11 months ago

With the season of traveling and vacationing in full swing, it’s easy to give in to the excitement and overlook safety. One common concern travelers face is the risk of luggage loss, damage, or even theft, which can quickly turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. A TikTok travel expert has a few interesting insights that can spare you a possible headache on your next trip.

Breaking a suitcase open appears shockingly easy.

Thieves are knowns for being incredibly cunning, but there is a way to get one step ahead of them. In the clip titled Know this before you travel, which has garnered thousands of views, travel expert Sarah Adekola demonstrates how easy it can be for anyone to break open your suitcase with just a simple tool, such as an ordinary biro pen.

All the bad guys have to do is stick the pencil in the suitcase zipper to break it open: ’’Basically what people are doing is they’re taking their pen, and they are literally just pushing in between there, and they’re getting into your suitcase’’ Adekola warns as she demonstrates how this tactic works.

She also says that even having a padlock doesn’t really help because when the zipper is pulled across the damaged section, it closes back again, leaving no visible signs of tampering.

But there is a simple solution.

Adekola advises choosing unpickable luggage, recommending hard-shell cases where the zipper is covered on both sides as a more secure alternative: ’’You don’t need an expensive suitcase. You just need one either has no zippers or has invisible zippers,’’ she says.

Being prepared is key in a world where unforeseen events can catch us off guard. Whether embarking on a thrilling adventure or simply going about your daily routine, prioritizing your safety should come first. It’s always good to have essential safety tips in the back of your mind as a guiding compass to navigate through any situation with confidence.

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