Twitter Users Shared Their Happiest Moments of 2019

4 years ago

At the end of the year, people sum up the results of the last 12 months which can be both inspiring and unpleasant. But it’s more effective and beneficial for our nervous system to focus only on the happiest moments. And that’s what these Twitter users decided to do.

We at Bright Side also want to remember the highlights of the past year and advise you to do the same.

“I found out that I’m going to be a father.”

“I was in Trieste, Italy, sitting on the beach with tears in my eyes — this moment felt that good.”

“This is me an hour after I signed the documents to buy a new apartment.”

A day full of happiness

“It was the fifth day of our 86-mile long walking journey in the Alps and we still had 2 days to go. All our problems seemed so far away and we didn’t have to think about anything but how long it would take to get to another mountain pass.”

“This is the State Hermitage Museum in July. I was looking at this great masterpiece from the Renaissance in a crowd of tourists and almost cried with delight. My friend, who came to visit me as a surprise, was standing behind me. He lifted me up with his arms so I could see the clock with the peacock.”

“This is me at my shift at the airport when I first got the pass to walk on the runaway and signal the aircraft. It was the day the pilot smiled at me and invited me to go to Novosibirsk with him.”

“It was the first time I traveled alone and to Paris. I got to experience the most amazing feelings in the whole universe.”

“It was the first wave in my life and the second time I got into the ocean. Pure childish happiness!”

“I spent the weekend at the lake.”

“This is me sleeping in the back room during a conference that I organized with very limited support after a 13-year long pause in my career.”

“I was drinking wine on the beach, enjoying the sunset, and felt like I was a character from some American movie with a happy ending.”

“April in the Netherlands — we were cycling through the tulip field and then found this cute place to have dinner.”

“It was the first time I got to the ocean in 31 years. Such a delight!”

“Cappadocia and dolphins”

“When I flew up to the Maldives...dreams do come true!”

“You probably can’t read it on my face, but it was definitely the best day of the past year.”

“September 5”

“May 31, 2019, a.k.a. my last day at the job that I hated. In 4 hours, I’ll be at the airport with a 1-way ticket to Saint Petersburg and completely independent.”

“Honestly, I don’t remember, so there you go.”

Share your happiest moment of 2019 with us!

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Mine was when I went to Amsterdam for New Years, with my adult children who are now my best friends. ❤️


Mine was to be able to meet an amazing family in Brazil on Christmas. They welcomed me like another member of their family! I was so grateful


Mine was when I stood on the stage of The Slovak National Theatre (my first real workplace) and was a part of the wonderful production of Turandot... the final number... just barely being able to push away the tears... December 28th... I will never forget


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