Twitter Users Shared Their Toughest Romantic Rejections and Showed That Love Isn’t Always in the Air

4 years ago

Love doesn’t always offer a clear path. Sometimes it presents us with a road filled with high mountains, stormy trails, and an open abyss. And often, it just grants us with an unexpected stop sign. This happens when someone rejects us, and from that day on, it’s just us, until love gives us a new chance. And that’s the best thing about love: New beginnings. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to remember past rejections with humor.

Bright Side will share with you the tweets that comedian Eden Dranger got as replies when she asked people on Twitter to share the worst rejections they had ever experienced. We’re sure that several of them will add to your laughs of the day.

1. The best sister in the world

Eden Dranger is a young comedian and writer based in Los Angeles, who made herself famous with her blog about humor and food, where she shares her own recipes. On November 9, she posted a tweet asking users to share their worst love rejections. The reply thread was so funny that we decided to share the best answers with you.

2. The conspiracy

3. Zoom

4. May the force be with you.

5. Secret love

6. The longest of the laughs

7. Double surprise

8. The subtle prince

9. Bittersweet

10. You, but not you

11. The worst loser

12. The perfect girl

13. Loneliness is an endless cookie.

14. The practical prince

15. Just one night with you

16. The imperfect smile

17. Public statement

18. Impatient hearts

What’s the most unexpected rejection you’ve endured? We would love to hear more about you and create an article with the best stories that our readers share with us!

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