Victoria Beckham Shares a Steamy Video of David Beckham on His Workout

6 months ago

Victoria Beckham surprised everyone who follows her on social media. The former Spice Girl showed off her husband David Beckham on a video while he was working out. Needless to say, the close-up clip quickly went viral!

On December 19, 2023, Victoria Beckham shared a video on Instagram that offered a glimpse into her morning workout session with husband David Beckham. The reel captured David in blue (short) shorts, performing push-ups and into a downward dog position, while the 49 year-old went around her husband filming him.

“Morning work out with this Love Machine 🔊😂 @davidbeckham,” the caption of the video read.

And the fans who got an eyeful with the clip couldn’t hold their excitement in the comment section. “This is the content we need daily,” one user wrote; “Victoria is single-handedly healing the sadness of this world via her insta posts. Doing the lord’s work,” someone else said.

This isn’t the first time Victoria proudly features her husband’s physique online, though. Just four days before she uploaded the viral workout video, she playfully shared a photo of David in his underwear working on the couple’s TV. “Electrician came to fix the TV.....You’re welcome! 😂 @davidbeckham,” she jokingly captioned it.

Watch the full video here:

Outside of the celebrity realm, a hilarious TikTok recently went viral. A woman left a hair salon with a disastrous blowout and decided to show the result online, and we couldn’t tell what was funnier: the before-and-after or the comment section.


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