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4 years ago

Usually, there is an entire team of experts working on the appearance of celebrities. This is why they always look young and fresh. However, some celebrities admit that, in their regular lives, they use little life hacks because they can be just as effective as many beauty salon procedures.

The Bright Side authors decided to test these unusual and strange methods that, according to celebrities, help them freshen up quickly. And here are the results.

Kate Hudson uses ice baths to make her skin more elastic.

Actress Kate Hudson admits that ice baths help her skin freshen up in a matter of minutes. “If I’m feeling tired or my face is feeling like it’s stressed out or I haven’t slept much, I will literally stick my face in a bowl of ice and I will try to take it as long as I can,” she says. Kate says that this method helps her look great, even after a sleepless night.

Jane: “I followed the plan ‘cold water + ice cubes’ for 5 days. After each procedure, I felt better and I could see that my skin became fresher, the smaller wrinkles disappeared little by little. Unlike regular rubbing with ice, when using this method, the skin becomes red but also really moisturized.

Conclusion: I would choose this procedure for every day despite the fact that rubbing with ice gives a faster effect.”

Kim Kardashian uses the liquid diet method for losing weight before important events.

In order to lose weight very quickly and get rid of swelling and extra water, Kim Kardashian stops eating solid food for several days and only eats things she can drink. The celebrity claims that this method helped her lose weight fast before the Met Gala in 2018.

Alina: “I also set myself an additional limitation of 1,200–1,500 calories per day and started this 3-day experiment at 141 lbs and 5’4” and my waist was 29 inches. 4 hours into it, I wanted to drop everything and run to the kitchen to eat a small piece of bread. I went to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and just stared inside — I wanted to eat all the time. On the second day, I lost 2 lbs, and on the 3rd — I gained 1.7 lbs. On the 4th day, my weight was 138 lbs and I lost 1.9 inches in my waist, even though I looked the same.

Conclusion: if you want to lose weight quickly with this diet, prepare to suffer be strong and don’t hope for very fast and noticeable results.

Sophia Loren uses fresh mint to get rid of dark circles.

In an article for Daily Mail, Sophia Loren said that she doesn’t use expensive products to get rid of dark circles. She uses mint leaves, makes them into a paste, and puts it under her eyes. The effects are immediate.

Mary: "I rarely have puffy eyes but I regularly have dark circles. This is why I decided to get rid of them with mint patches. I cut several leaves into small pieces, added a few drops of water and put all this under my eyes. Soon afterward, I felt a cooling effect and it was a little bit tingly. When I removed the mint, my reflection in the mirror wasn’t much different. But I think the darkness disappeared a little bit and the skin became softer as if I’d used a cream.

Conclusion: The procedure is refreshing and it cools down the skin. I didn’t see a huge visual effect, but maybe this method is more effective for swelling. I’m not very likely to use this life hack in real life. Regular patches are far better and there is no risk they will get into your eyes.

Blake Lively used mayo to make her hair smoother.

American actress Blake Lively, who is best known for her role in the series, Gossip Girl, learned this hair trick from her mother: before a shower, she would put oil or mayonnaise on the bottom half of her hair. When she would shampoo, the bottom of her hair wouldn’t dry out or become brittle.

Ann: “On the first day of the experiment, I put a handful of mayo in my hair. The mayo spread around like milk. 20 minutes later, I washed it off and when my hair dried, I felt as if it had become even drier and more prone to damage than before. It was hard to comb through it. I repeated the procedure on the second day but I put the mayo on almost dry hair. This time, the hair dried in these kinds of clumps that were crunchy when I tried to separate them. And also, I noticed that the roots were really oily. So, I had to wash my hair again.

Conclusion: It is better to use foods as food. Maybe, this lifehack wasn’t good for me because my hair is dyed and very porous. Maybe, it works for healthy hair, but if you’re going to check, don’t do this right before you go to work.”

Beyoncé uses lip balm on her eyelashes.

Once, makeup artists taught Beyoncé to use lip balm to moisturize her eyelashes. Since then, she’s been doing this.

Photos before and after 5 times.

Natalie: “I decided to use lip serum with aloe and lip balm with essential oils for 5 days. It wasn’t a very pleasant procedure. On the first day, when I put the product on my eyelashes before going to bed, a little bit got into my eye, and it was painful. Later, I tried to be more careful, but it was still uncomfortable: my lashes were sticky, so I had to close my eyes right away and fall asleep.

Conclusion: I’ve noticed no effect. My lashes are still short and not very bushy, so nothing changed. Maybe 5 times wasn’t enough, but I don’t want to put anything else on my eyelashes except mascara.”

Also, Beyoncé sometimes uses glue sticks for her eyebrows instead of gel.

Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John admitted that sometimes he uses a glue stick to tame her eyebrows. Especially in hot weather, he uses an Elmer glue stick as an eyebrow gel. It is easy to wash and it doesn’t clog pores.

Lyanne: “Usually, my eyebrows are hard to tame, but this weird method actually helped me. When I was using the glue, I thought that my skin would stretch when the glue dried, but nothing happened. The hair was very neat-looking.

Conclusion: I would use this method, but not all the time: I don’t know if the glue is harmful to hair and what it may do from a long-term perspective.”

Lady Gaga uses duct tape to change her facial shape.

In an interview for Porter magazine, Lady Gaga admitted that she uses tape in order to smooth wrinkles and shape her face or neck in a special way, “I wash my face. I pin my hair back and put on a wig cap, and I ask, ’How am I going to form my eyes today with this tape? How will I pull back my neck with tape?’ Or maybe I won’t pull it back at all.”

Alina: “I wasn’t able to pull my neck skin from the back and fix it with duct tape. Maybe, you need thinner or older skin. I fixed the tape as well as I could, but the result of the experiment satisfied me: my neck really looked a little more elegant, visually.

Conclusion: This is a great method to make the neck look thinner for a few seconds, like for example, for a photoshoot. But I don’t think I would use the tape all the time since I’d worry that people would learn about my secret.”

Kim Kardashian uses oil before the gym to make her skin smooth.

Kim Kardashian says that using oil before a workout helps make her skin more elastic and smooth.

Paula: “I tried the oil life hack and I was satisfied. Before a difficult workout, which obviously made me sweat, I used some body oil. During the workout, I didn’t feel any discomfort, but after, I noticed that my skin was softer. And after taking a shower, I realized that I didn’t need any cream because my skin was moisturized and not as dry as it usually is.

Conclusion: This is a good life hack that I would easily recommend.”

Margot Robbie uses Bepanthen instead of lip balm.

Actress Margot Robbie told Elle that she thinks that lip balms contain additives that dry the skin and make you addicted to them. Instead, she uses something called Bepanthen that is normally used by breastfeeding mothers and babies.

Jacky: "I used Bepanthen instead of lip balm when I went outside. And I liked the effect — the small wrinkles on my lips started to heal and my skin didn’t peel anymore. But for people who are ready to use it all the time, they have to be ready to taste Bepanthen all the time.

Conclusion: The effect is obvious if there are cracks on the lips. It seems that you can use it all the time instead of lip balm, but you have to be ready for the downsides. Also, it is not very convenient to have to carry the tube everywhere.

After several experiments, we want to say that all hacks have to be tested and checked before recommending them to someone else. Many of the things that celebrities use don’t have an immediate effect and won’t be effective in regular conditions. So, if you decide to do an experiment like this, you have to be patient and be ready to accept that there might be no results.

Do you believe in the life hacks that celebrities share? Which unusual beauty tips can you recommend?


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My face skin kinda look dehydrate. But I hate putting on moisturizer as some really make me sweaty (because moisturizer not only add moisture but prevent them from evaporate too). So I switch to grapeseed oil last 3 years and I like it. My skin feel hydrated and not flaky. I only need bit of concealer and good to go.


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