What 10 On-Screen Couples Should’ve Looked Like, According to Ordinary People

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Very few movies lack love in their plots, and many on-screen couples are so interesting that they become iconic. But there are other times when viewers want to see one couple, but the writers decide differently. Or they may adapt a book to a screenplay, but the on-screen characters don’t have any chemistry between them. Considering all of this, we determined which movies and series had couples that viewers weren’t exactly rooting for.

Daenerys and Jon vs Daenerys and Drogo, Game of Thrones

Fans of the series didn’t see any chemistry between Daenerys and Jon. Instead, they saw it as more of an arranged marriage. It was nothing like real love.

The viewers did, however, believe that Daenerys and Drogo were the best couple. Their relationship might not have been the best, but they started to love each other over time. Daenerys evolved into a powerful woman when she was married to Drogo — this relationship made her more self-confident.

Dan and Serena vs Dan and Blair, Gossip Girl

A lot of people were confused about Dan and Serena being a couple. Their relationship felt forced. Dan was in love with Serena from the beginning, but he was disappointed when he knew her better. And Serena felt guilty.

But Dan and Blair as a couple gave off a completely different vibe. They went from hatred to love and had similar intelligence levels and common interests. Dan and Blair helped, understood, and supported each other.

Hermione and Ron vs Hermione Harry, the Harry Potter franchise

Many Harry Potter fans still can’t understand why the main character and his friend never became a couple. J.K. Rowling created a love story between Ron and Hermione for reasons unrelated to literature, she said.

According to viewers, Harry and Hermione are equals, while Ron is a bit weaker. Why such an intelligent female character chose someone so much weaker is strange. Besides, Harry and Hermione would always care about each other, and they don’t have many differences, unlike Ron and Hermione.

House and Cuddy vs House and Cameron, House M.D.

The story of Cameron and House looks very one-sided, and Cameron appears to be in love with her mentor. After a few romantic scenes, this plot line was abandoned, while the love plot between House and Cuddy went on to occupy several seasons.

But the few scenes between Cameron and House looked more vivid than the ones he shared with Cuddy. Besides, Cameron was the opposite of the rude House: she was sensitive, kind, and caring. These 2 could have compensated for each other’s shortcomings, and they would be the best in tandem.

Bella and Edward vs Bella and Jacob, Twilight

We never got to see the relationship between Bella and the werewolf. Jacob was in the friend zone for the entire saga. But fans are sure Jacob would be a much better match for Bella. Unlike Edward, he didn’t control Bella and would cheer her up and teach her new things. She wouldn’t have to change herself for Jacob.

Plus, dating the werewolf would make her personal growth possible: Jacob was around the same age as her and was more down-to-earth. And most importantly, he’d let Bella be independent.

Phoebe and Coop vs Phoebe and Cole, Charmed

Near the end of the series, Phoebe is single and obsessed with having kids. All of her previous relationships didn’t end very well, so the writers came up with Coop, a last-minute solution. Their love story felt forced; it was as if she got a consolation prize at the end of the series. But fans never let go of the legendary couple — Phoebe and Cole.

Despite being pure evil, Cole was trying to become better while being with Phoebe. Unfortunately, the actor playing Cole had to leave the series.

Robin and Ted vs Robin and Barney, How I Met Your Mother

The series finale left a lot of people confused. Tracy, the mother from the title, passed away, so Ted got together with Robin. But many viewers believe that Robin and Ted only had their friends in common and had very different views about many things. They didn’t have an actual union.

A more believable couple would have been Robin and Barney, but the writers decided to split them up. But Barney would have been a better match for Robin because he loved her. Besides, these characters evolved during the series. They improved themselves and overcame difficulties together.

Kate and Jack vs Kate and Sawyer, Lost

Kate, Jack, and Sawyer were the central love triangle of Lost. Throughout the entire series, the writers built a complex and tragic love story of Kate and Jack by including emotional scenes with Sawyer.

But the viewers liked Kate with Sawyer more. They had more in common, and even their lives were more alike. And Kate changed Sawyer for the better: the ex-conman started to care about someone for the first time in his life.

Elizabeth and Will vs Elizabeth and Jack Sparrow, The Pirates of the Caribbean

The main explanation for the love between Elizabeth and Will is their childhood feelings. They grew up together and used to be in love with each other, that’s it. They don’t trust each other, and it seems they see their relationship differently.

Unlike Will, Jack understood Elizabeth and was a better match for her. She was interested in pirates and adventures and wanted to be free. And Jack could give her this freedom. Unlike a calmer Will, Jack would look much better with such a lively character.

Rachel and Ross vs Rachel Joey, Friends

Let’s remember the story of Rachel and Ross’s relationship. Ross was in love with Rachel in high school, and many years later, she loved him back. We never got to see how and why their feelings appeared, but we did see the toxicity of their relationship. These 2 often had arguments and didn’t accept or respect each other.

Some viewers think that Joey was a better match for Rachel. Their relationship developed from a long-term friendship, and Joey fell in love with a real person, not his high school fantasy. He accepted her for what she was. And they had a lot of things in common, and their relationship looked very healthy.

Which movie couples do you like most, and which ones couldn’t depict love convincingly?


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