What 100 Calories Looks Like in 22 Popular Foods

3 years ago

Some healthy foods might actually have more calories than you’d expect! So no matter how hard you work out at the gym, you won’t lose weight. That is because portion control is a crucial part of the weight-loss process. However, weighing your food is not the way to go. It is the amount of calories that counts.

Here at Bright Side, we will show you what 100 calories looks like in some of your favorite foods. Find out quickly which of your favorite foods will disappoint you and which ones can remain in your diet!


1. Greek yogurt

2. Boiled eggs

3. Bacon

4. Peanut butter

5. Croissant

6. Strawberries

Lunch / Dinner

1. Cheeseburger

2. Pizza

3. Chicken breast

4. Tacos


1. Tiramisu

2. Ice cream

3. Ice pops

4. Oreos


1. Donut

2. Popcorn

3. Roasted mixed nuts

4. Baby carrots


1. Soda

2. Cappuccino

3. Chocolate milk

4. Water

Bonus: Calorie intake is not necessarily related to healthy food.

So great, now it seems like if you feel like having a burger instead of yoghurt for breakfast, you can as long as you stick to the 100 calories portion. Unfortunately, junk food has lots of sugar and added salt, so for instance, in this case, yogurt might still be the better option from a health perspective despite having the same amount of calories. Checking the nutrition labels of your food is the only way of knowing if you're eating something healthy!

Do you take calories into account when cooking? Do you think that’s a good way of finding out if food is healthy? Which other factors do you look at in the food you eat?

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Counting calorie is always good, but no need to go over the top with this idea. Some people get crazy over them I feel like ?


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