What 13 People Portrayed by Famous Actors Actually Look Like

3 years ago

The first thing people look at when they’re watching biopics is how similar the actors look to their prototypes. Movie fans are rarely happy with the choices studios make. After all, there are always people that will criticize actors.

We at Bright Side think that the appearance of the actor doesn’t matter all that much in movies like these. What’s more important is how talented he or she is because bad acting can’t be hidden, even with the best makeup. And the actors from today’s compilation really nailed it.

Naomi Lapaglia (Nadine Macaluso) — Margot Robbie

The film, The Wolf of Wall Street, tells the story of Jordan Belfort, an American stockbroker. The main role in the film is played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and one of the key characters is his wife, Naomi Lapaglia, portrayed by Margot Robbie. The name of Belfort’s wife was changed. The actual woman’s name is Nadine Macaluso and she’s a marriage consultant.

Donald and Clare Crowhurst — Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz

The movie, The Mercy, is based on a real story about a British businessman, Donald Crowhurst, who was on the verge of bankruptcy, and in order to save his company, he decided to take part in a round-the-world yacht race. The main role in the film was portrayed by Colin Firth, and his wife was played by Rachel Weisz.

Marie Colvin — Rosamund Pike

The film, A Private War, is centered around one of the most famous war correspondents, English journalist Marie Colvin, that went to the hot zones again and again to tell people the truth. Other big roles in the film were portrayed by Jamie Dornan and Stanley Tucci, and the main part was given to Rosamund Pike.

Saroo Brierley — Dev Patel

The biography, Lion, tells the story of an Indian boy named Saroo that got lost at the age of 5 and was adopted by an Australian couple. And 20 years later, he suddenly decides to set out to search for his biological family.

Elizabeth Gilbert — Julia Roberts

The film, Eat Pray Love, is a screen adaptation of the autobiography written by American writer Elizabeth Gilbert. The main character has almost everything you could ever dream of, but one day, she decides to change her life completely and sets out on a journey to learn more about herself. The film has a lot of big actors in it, and the main role is portrayed by the Oscar-winning actress, Julia Roberts.

Margaret Keane — Amy Adams

The film, Big Eyes, tells a true story about the life of an American artist, Margaret Keane, and her difficult relationship with her husband who took credit for her work. The main role was portrayed by Amy Adams.

John Gotti — John Travolta

The biography drama, Gotti, which features John Travolta, tells a story of a New York gangster, John Gotti, and his transformation from an ordinary criminal to a mob boss.

Gretchen Carlson — Nicole Kidman

The film, Bombshell, is centered around the stories of 3 female workers at Fox News that united against harassment and discrimination. One of the main roles was played by Nicole Kidman — she portrayed journalist Gretchen Carlson.

Chris Gardner — Will Smith

The film, The Pursuit of Happyness, is set at the beginning of the ’80s. Single father Chris Gardner loses all of his money and gets a non-paid internship at a big company for 6 months. While waiting for some results of his work, the family has to go around to different shelters, but the end of the internship will change their lives forever. The main part is portrayed by Will Smith, and his son, Jaden, plays Gardner’s son.

Katharine Gun — Keira Knightley

The drama, Official Secrets, tells the story of a British translator, Katharine Gun, who gives the press a letter with classified information, challenging the system and putting her life in danger. The main part is portrayed by Keira Knightley, and she’s accompanied by Ralph Fiennes.

Ruth Ginsburg — Felicity Jones

The film, On the Basis of Sex, featuring Felicity Jones, is about Ruth Ginsburg — the second female judge in the history of the Supreme Court of the United States. The film is about her struggle for equal rights between men and women.

Temple Grandin — Claire Danes

The biopic, Temple Grandin, is about an autistic woman, professor, and scientist that managed to become one of the most outstanding experts in agriculture. Claire Danes won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her performance in the film.

Do you love biopics? How important do you think it is for an actor to look like the person they’re representing?


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