What 15 Disney Remakes Could Look Like According to AI

9 months ago

Normally, when a live-action version of an animated movie is coming to theaters, we cannot help but imagine who will play our favorite character. It often happens that producers’ choice is very different from the one we originally pictured.

Now, with AI, we can actually check if our intuition is right. And guess what? In most cases, it was. But there are others where it turns out producers made the right call!

1. Jason Momoa — Maui (Vaiana)

Dwayne Johnson will play Maui in the live-action Vaiana. And it’s not that we don’t like him. It even makes sense since he voiced the same character in the animated film. But it’s hard for us to look at Jason Momoa and not think he would look perfect in the role with his tattoos and unique curly hair. Plus, we’re intrigued by what it would be like to hear him sing the song “You’re Welcome.”

2. Dove Cameron — Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

While we believe that in terms of physical appearance, Dove Cameron would fit the role of Ariel very well, we cannot deny that Halle Bailey captured a much more important feature of the leading character: her voice. As we have already said, the musical talent of the protagonist is one of the main aspects of the plot and a trait that makes Eric remember her in the beginning: he recognizes her voice, not her appearance.

3. Harry Styles — Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)

Harry Styles’ dimples are so similar to Eric’s. He’s just perfect for the role. And while Eric doesn’t sing anything in the original film, Styles could have sung two or three songs from the repertoire if he had accepted the position.

4. Anya Taylor-Joy — Tinker Bell (Peter Pan)

Anya Taylor-Joy’s big eyes and serious look surely make her a perfect fit for the 1953’s stubborn Tinkerbell. She is a staunch ally of Peter Pan, but at the same time, she detests Wendy. So in the story, the viewer doesn’t know whether to love or hate her. Surely, Yara Shahidi will give this very memorable character a new depth too.

5. Thomas Brodie-Sangster — Peter Pan (Peter Pan)

He may already be an adult, but we still think he’s right for the role, and we have a reason to think that way: we believe that Thomas Brodie-Sangster is actually a citizen of Neverland. How else can we explain that he doesn’t age? We have no proof, but no doubts either.

6. Ben Kingsley — Jafar (Aladdin)

We are sure that Ben Kingsley is an actor capable of playing characters of any nationality super convincingly. And as much as we love the live-action Aladdin, we think the character of Jaffar would have stood out a bit more if Ben had played it.

7. Amanda Seyfried — Rapunzel (Tangled)

Amanda Seyfried has already won us over with her voice in Mamma Mia! And given her resemblance to Rapunzel, if a remake of Tangled were to be made, she should certainly be one of the favorite candidates to get the role.

8. Zayn — Flynn Rider (Tangled)

If Harry Styles can act, why not choose Zayn for Tangled? He could certainly imitate Flynn Ryder’s face very well, and his “deadly weapon” did not conquer Rapunzel but made us laugh. We can also be sure that if he starred in the movie, the soundtrack would be amazing!

9. Zendaya — Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

Zendaya can sing and dance and has played characters like MJ in Spider-Man, so why not cast her to play Tiana in a remake of The Princess and the Frog? While we wouldn’t want to see her turn into a frog, seeing her wear a princess dress would be amazing. It’d add an extra look to her repertoire that we’re sure Zendaya could totally pull off.

10. Emma Stone — Anna (Frozen)

We can’t say it enough: Emma Stone looks so much like Anna from Frozen that if you braid her red hair twice, it would make her look like the best cosplay.

11. Ryan Gosling — Kristoff (Frozen)

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have worked in many movies together. Their chemistry on stage is obvious, so maybe they should pair up in a remake of Frozen. They’d look like they belong together.

12. Emilia Clarke — Elsa (Frozen)

If, in Game of Thrones, she was the mother of dragons, her hair, so similar to Elsa’s, could totally land her the role of the snow queen. It’d fit her like a glove. Besides, if she has already sung in other movies, we don’t see why she couldn’t sing “Let It Go.”

13. Elle Fanning — Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Elle Fanning’s natural blonde hair, light blue eyes, and innocent look make her perfect for the role of Alice. Unfortunately, it might be easier to run into a talking rabbit than to have a new remake of this movie starring Elle. Disney has just remade the film.

14. Henry Cavill — Hercules (Hercules)

Henry Cavill’s beauty may very well be described as Olympian, so it would make a lot of sense for him to be the son of the Greek god of thunder, Zeus. And even though the animated character is very comical, surely the actor could give him a lot of depth, showing that there is a sensitive and noble person behind that beefy man.

15. Anna Kendrick — Megara (Hercules)

One of the most developed characters in Hercules, undoubtedly, is Megara, as she begins as a villain of sorts and ends the story as a heroine willing to give her life for her loved ones. Anna Kendrick could surely use her acting talent and her voice to sing the greatest hits in the movie.


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