What 16 Famous Characters Would Look Like Without Their One Unique Feature

4 years ago

When we think about the characters from our favorite old movies, the first thing that comes to our minds are those features that set them apart from the rest. And it has nothing to do with a flawless face — it’s all about those details that make them stand out, that define them, and that make them unique.

Bright Side wondered what would happen if we took 16 famous characters and removed or changed their most distinctive features. Here are the results:

1. Jack Sparrow

We pictured Captain Jack, the unpredictable and oh so lucky pirate of the Caribbean, the man that won our hearts (and sometimes also our hatred) without the slightest drop of eyeliner.

2. Lord Voldemort

The mysterious and evil Lord Voldemort is famous for not having a human nose. We don’t actually know the reason, although some fans argue that it is a side effect of the constant use of dark magic. We decided to fix that, and boy does he look different.

3. Gollum

Gollum (or Sméagol) is partly remembered for his obsession and his bizarre love toward a ring that was almost impossible to destroy. We also can’t help but recall his weird appearance and, of course, his enormous eyes. That’s why we tried to change him a little bit by making them smaller.

4. Commodus

Commodus, the evil emperor, was filled with envy and hatred toward his imposed brother Maximus. From his very first scene in the movie Gladiator, we saw him with those notorious dark circles. We decided to take them out, and this was the result.

5. Bart Simpson

We wanted to see Bart with a more “stylish” haircut. And so, we decided to turn his classic spiky hair into something different.

6. Lloyd Christmas

Chipped teeth have become popular in the world of cinema — perhaps the idea behind them is to make the characters more noticeable or to give them a “unique” look. Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber, played by Jim Carrey, was one of the characters who got to be part of that club. And the truth is that, after watching this hilarious film, we just couldn’t resist the temptation of giving that piece of tooth back to Lloyd.

7. Winifred Sanderson

Something similar happened to Winifred — the main difference being that, in this particular case, they gave her huge teeth, and her lips were painted in a special way to make them look smaller. Here, we decided to give her a broad, natural smile.

8. Professor Sybill Trelawney

We imagined the weird clairvoyant from the Harry Potter series without her peculiar big eyes, which were even more enhanced by her thick glasses. Do you see any noticeable difference?

9. Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka is known for being an impeccable and almost flawless man. His hairstyle is one of his most distinctive features, so we wondered how he’d look with long hair.

10. The Mask

This peculiar green-faced character used every single part of his body to express his intense emotions, except for eyebrows. You could argue that the pronounced shape of his face creates the illusion of some kind of invisible eyebrows. Nevertheless, we wanted to add the real thing.

11. Thor

We got to watch the strong and handsome God of Thunder with long hair, and even with short hair, but never without any hair at all. So, we decided to change that. We also darkened his skin a little bit. That said, no matter how many things you change on his face, he still looks gorgeous.

12. Shrek

Not only do Shrek’s ears have a very particular shape, they also work as trumpets. But we wanted to use this opportunity to see how he’d look with regular ears.

13. Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin’s moustache became such an iconic feature that it’s hard to imagine him without it. That’s why we took it off. Enjoy this new version of Charles!

14. Forky

Who doesn’t love that cute and made-from-whatever-you-had-at-your-disposal Forky? We strived to make him a little bit neater and more normal looking, which wasn’t easy at all. We gave him symmetrical eyes and 2 eyebrows.

15. Ariel

When you think about Ariel, one of the first things that comes to your mind is that beautiful red hair that many of us would love to have. That’s why we decided to dye it blond, which makes her look radically different.

16. Pikachu

It’s hard to imagine Pikachu, Ash’s dearest friend, any different from the way he looks. But we came up with something interesting for him — we removed his lightning-like tail and added a fluffy one. Now he looks even cuter!

Which of these changes did you like the most and why? Which famous character would you like to see featured next, and how would you change them?


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Took me a while to notice the mask one, he doesn't look so bad


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