What 7 Human Body Parts Would Look Like If They Were Designed Perfectly

3 years ago

We actually experience pain during childbirth because of how our bodies changed through evolution. In fact, it took about 6 million years for humans to get where we are today, yet the changes we went through didn’t make us perfect, and our bodies have a few design flaws that you might not be aware of.

We at Bright Side learned about a few of the design flaws our bodies have, and we figured out what can be done for them to become engineered perfection.

1. Pelvic bone

Babies have big heads and we actually have tiny pelvic openings. This means that it’s a very tight fit for the head to get into the birth canal, which makes giving birth very painful.

Solution: To make the whole process less painful, we’d have to have a wider pelvic bone, but this would make our hips larger, making it harder to walk. Another solution would be to give birth by having the baby come out near the navel section, which would mean we’d give birth through the belly button.

2. Male nipples

Male nipples are useless — in fact, the small bit of tissue behind them can be a target for cancer. Men have nipples most likely because they’re leftover from what they developed in the womb. The nipples are formed before the gender is.

Solution: In order for males to be born without nipples, the gender would have to be determined before they grew in the womb.

3. Eyes

Even if we aren’t aware of it, we really do have a blind spot. This is due to the inside-out retina, which means that nerve fibers are located in front of the retina, blocking the light. Both of the eyes work together to give us clear sight.

Solution: This would be to have octopus-like eyes. That’s because they don’t have an inside-out retina, nor do they have blind spots.

4. Spine

According to research, the back pain that 65 million Americans have experienced, even just once, is due to our evolutionary past. When we were walking on our hands and feet, the curve of the spine was perfect, ensuring that the organs were placed comfortably. So it didn’t put any pressure on the back.

However, now that we’re walking on 2 feet, the spine was forced to curve in order to support and make space for the organs.

Solution: To relieve us from back pain, we should start walking on all fours again.

5. Legs and feet

We have too many bones (26) in each of our feet, which makes them prone to pain and injury. This is because our ape-like ancestors needed them to grab and hold onto branches. However, right now, we don’t need them for that.

Solution: We should have ostrich feet, which have fewer bones. What you see on an ostrich is not backward knees, but rather, ankle joints. This makes their feet less prone to injury and helps them run fast.

6. Throat

We can easily choke because we only have a little tissue flap that covers our windpipe. When we swallow, that flap tissue (epiglottis) covers the windpipe (trachea) in order for the food to actually go down the food pipe (esophagus) and reach the stomach. Well, choking happens when the flap tissue doesn’t react in time.

Solution: We’d have to give up the ability to speak. Because if we didn’t have the epiglottis way in the back of our mouths, we could eat without worrying about choking, but we’d have to give up our voice box (larynx).

7. Teeth

As humans (and most mammals), we only have 2 sets of teeth, baby and adult. But when you consider how fast they can break down and how much money we spend on them, they’re easily a flawed body part.

We’d need to have teeth for specific purposes. In the past, canine teeth were used for chewing on meat, and molars, for plants. However, if our body regrew another set of teeth, it would be painful.

Solution: Maybe kangaroo teeth would be better. This is because once their teeth wear down, they get replaced by falling out, and then the rear teeth migrate forward.

Have you heard of any other body design flaws? Would you choose to walk on all fours just to avoid back pain? Which flaw did you find to be the most interesting?

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I would like to have an improved vision or to run faster, but not art the cost of the looks :D


This is the most rediculus post you have have ever posted..
are we some kind of robots that have been Wrongly designed or what?
you're contradicting the nature creation..
nature knows well enough how to create us.. who are we raising a fingure... its like showing a candle to the sun.


The face area of the skull is very susceptible to blows. We need a more reinforced skull.


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