What a cup of coffee looks like in different countries

10 months ago

Every morning, millions of peopel around the world begin their day with a cup of coffee. But almost every country and culture has its own unique ways of brewing it to perfection. We did some research, and picked out a just a few of them — and they really are quite fascinating!

Egg coffee (Vietnam)

The fundamental ingredients here are an egg yoke, condensed milk, sugar and hot coffee.

Lapland coffee (Finland)

A local kind of cheese is placed in the cup before being covered with the coffee.

Espresso (Italy)

The classic recipe with an added slice of lemon. The lemon should be flattened with a spoon against the side or bottom of the cup first.

Lagrima (Argentina)

Just a couple of drops of strong coffee are added to some frothy milk. It might be more accurate to describe this as ’milk with coffee’ rather than the other way round!

Bonbon coffee (Spain)

This an Espresso but with added condensed milk. Mixing the latter with ordinary milk produces something special.

Spiced coffee (Morocco)

Grinding a mixture of spices — including sesame seeds, black pepper and nutmeg — together with ordinary coffee beans produces an unusual, but a very strong drink.

Coffee with tea (Hong Kong)

This mixture of coffee and milk tea leaves a strong impression right from the first sip. It’s made using 4 servings of black tea, pepper, condensed milk and two shots of coffee.

Frappé (Greece)

Coffee, ice cream, condensed milk and some ice water produce the tasty delight known as a frappé.

Café Touba (Senegal)

During the roasting process, Guinea pepper is added to the mixture. The drink itself is brewed in the same way as ordinary coffee.

Coffee with garlic and honey (Turkey)

This is a popular drink in Turkey, sometimes referred to as ’the old Moor’s recipe’.

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I have been living in Italy all My Life and never ever heard about espresso with lemon. Witch cocoa, with cream... You name it, we have many local variation but not worth lemon.


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