What a Sleeping Position Can Reveal About Your Cat

4 years ago

Cats have been living side by side with humans for about 9,500 years, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about these mysterious creatures. Our adorable feline friends can’t talk to us directly, so we have to find a way to read their signals. Luckily, their body language can reveal a lot about their intentions and true feelings.

We at Bright Side believe that we might’ve cracked the code of what our pets are trying to say to us with their behavior and would like to share our findings with you.

A curled-up position

What it means: “I’m trying to sleep but I’m not completely comfortable there.”

While this sleeping position may seem incredibly comfy and secure, it actually means that a cat is sensing some danger and is trying to protect its vulnerable body parts. The cat hides its belly and swoops its tail around its body. This body position also allows the cat to preserve its body temperature better, so it’s a good option for a cold day.

A loafer or a sphinx

What it means: “It feels so good to be there.”

The loafer sleeping position means that a cat is quite happy with its surroundings and is enjoying them to the fullest. It isn’t prepared to run away or to submit itself, as the cat doesn’t see any threat. The cat feels pleased and shines with happiness. This position also helps to save energy that the cat’s body has to spend on warming up or cooling down.

A belly-up position

What it means: “I trust you so much.”

The stomach area is one of the most vulnerable and protected body parts of any cat. So if your fluffy friend sleeps on your sofa with their belly up and their legs spread in different directions, congratulations! It means that you’ve finally gained their trust. This sleeping position is the most common among indoor cats, as cats who hang out outdoors rarely have such a strong feeling of trust in their environment.

Sleeping with their eyes half-closed

What it means: “Yeah, of course, I’m asleep...”

No matter how cute and domesticated your cat may seem, it’s still a predator at heart. Cats want to be ready to instantly react to anything that happens around them, so they have to fight the urge to doze off and find the most comfortable position to relax, but still be on guard in. If the cat sleeps with one eye open when the other one is completely closed, it means that one part of its brain is sleeping while the other one is awake.

Side sleeping position

What it means: “It’s sleeping time!”

This is one of the comfiest positions a cat can adopt. It feels secure and at peace, so there’s no need to protect its vital organs. The cat is likely to be deeply asleep and to not have any worries on its mind. Cats who sleep in this position usually have a strong emotional connection with their owners and aren’t afraid to show their trust.

A balled-up position

What it means: “I feel safe there.”

This is probably one of the most common positions among indoor cats. It’s both comfy, since it helps to keep the cat warm, and protective of the cat’s most sensitive body parts at the same time. It also shows that your cat feels secure and relaxed. But be careful! Sometimes cats adopt this position when they’re in pain because of some health problems. Pay attention to the behavior of your pet so you don’t miss any disturbing signs.

A hidden-face position

What it means: “Please, don’t touch me.”

Sometimes cats don’t like to be disturbed and this position is a clear sign that you’d better not touch them. If your pet tries to cover its head in your clothes or in something else and looks pretty irritated when you touch it, your cat is probably craving some peace and quiet. Just let your cat enjoy its “me” time and save your affection for later.

What is your cat’s favorite sleeping position? Share the pics of your adorable fluffy friends with us in the comments!


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My cat sleeps in the "side sleeping position"... idk guys, sometimes he sleeps in the weirdest and most uncomfortable places in this pose. I don't understand how this can be enjoyable to do like this :D


My cat looks like a cute fluffy ball when he sleeps. I cab barely hold myself from trying to cuddle him at such moments :D


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