6 Strange Things That Can Happen if Our Body Parts Grew Continuously

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The human body is a miraculous thing with several organs and cells that work tirelessly to keep it in good shape. Consider what would happen if these elements worked a little bit too much and our bodies continued to grow. This wild thought is partially valid because the cells of a healthy body continue to divide and multiply at a predictable rate. Let’s explore this hypothesis of having body parts that would grow relentlessly and see how it would impact our bodies, everyday lives, and the world around us.

The Bright Side team went on a quest to find out what would potentially happen if our bodies never stopped growing, and how this mutation would likely affect our lives.

1. Walking would be hard because of our large muscles.

Our leg muscles would have to grow longer and bigger as we grew taller. After we’d reach our peak height, if we continued to grow without changing our muscle length, our muscles would be extremely large. Our movements would be limited by such large muscles. In addition to being incredibly slow, we would probably lose our ability to walk.

2. We would go on more shopping sprees than ever.

Although it seems like a dream come true, this isn’t as pleasurable as it first seems to be. We would need to purchase new clothing more frequently if our bodies never ceased growing. In addition, we would be so large that our favorite pieces of clothing would no longer fit shortly after buying them, and they’d likely rip right off! We would also have to work quite hard to be able to afford our new spending habits.

The bright side, though, is that we would get to try out different styles and trends.

3. A big heart is not always a good thing.

The more we grow, the more blood our bodies need to circulate, and, as a result, the heart, which circulates blood throughout the body, would need to grow to accommodate our new size.
If we continued to grow after our bodies hit their peak height, our hearts would have to grow with us. If they didn’t, we might suffer from a condition called an enlarged heart. The symptoms of this condition are congestive heart failure, leg swelling, and palpitations.

4. The liver might become dysfunctional.

The liver performs a plethora of functions, including metabolizing fats and filtering blood. The liver is able to repair itself, but it can only do that so many times before it becomes damaged beyond repair. If we continued to grow after our bodies hit peak height, our livers would likely have to keep growing with us. If they didn’t, our livers would eventually become so large that they’d be dysfunctional.

5. Our teeth would be misaligned.

Our teeth wouldn’t likely be able to grow long enough to be in the right position in our mouths as we got taller. In this case, we would have to wear partial dentures. We would need to grow our jaw muscles and teeth bones to compensate for the increase in height. If this didn’t happen, our teeth would be misaligned and we’d have trouble chewing our food properly.

6. Simple tasks would be hard with long nails.

Think about what would happen if you clipped your fingernails and they kept growing nonstop.

We would struggle to perform everyday actions like holding a fork or buttoning our shirts. We could very quickly get an injury, such as breaking your nail off if you bang your hand against a table. We would constantly need to keep a safe distance from others and be cautious when touching them. But maybe we’d design a fingernail glove to stop us from hurting ourselves or each other.

Which segment terrified you the most? Would you rather have long arms or huge legs?


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