What Could Happen If You Start Sleeping Without Wearing Pajamas

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2 years ago

Everyone dreams of having a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, restless nights become more frequent as we get older due to the changes in our circadian rhythms or internal body clocks. Some people resort to medications or other techniques in their quest for a peaceful slumber. But there’s one simple thing we could do to improve our sleep and health — go to bed in our birthday suit.

Bright Side rounded up relevant points from snooze experts, which explain why stripping down before lying down may actually be good for us. We also prepared tips for those who want to explore bedtime without their pajamas.

1. Taking your nightwear off can help you get to “Snoozeville” faster.

Without clothes to warm you up, your skin temperature will cool down faster. This drop will then signal your body that it’s time to rest. According to experts, temperature makes a big impact on your sleep quality. If your body starts to overheat, you can get hot flashes and night sweats that will pull you out of your dream state. Leaving the body exposed will help reduce the disruption to your Zzzz’s.

2. Sleeping in the nude could be good for your mental health.

Experts have established a link between lack of sleep and depression. Not getting enough shut-eye can make us more stressed and anxious, and negatively affect our emotional well-being. If being unclad in bed helps us doze off quicker and better, our mental health will be in a much better place too.

3. Ditching the PJs helps you produce more brown fat, which is good for your body’s metabolism.

There are 2 kinds of fats in our body — the white and the brown. White fat is the one that builds up when we overeat, and it stores the extra calories in our thighs, hips, and stomachs — hence the quote “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.”

Meanwhile, brown fat helps break down sugar and white fat to make energy and provide warmth to our bodies. One study also found that brown fat filters out amino acids and valine from our blood, which lessens our risk for obesity and diabetes. Lower temperatures trigger the production of brown fat, so if you want to shed some extra pounds, try shedding the nighties.

4. Hitting the sack sans jammies can be good for our reproductive health.

Researchers learned that men who wore breezy boxers had 25% higher sperm concentration, and 17% higher sperm count, than those who wore tight briefs. Experts believe that tight underwear may be warming up men’s private parts, which causes a low sperm count. So wearing loose boxers, or better yet, going full commando, can be less restrictive for the “swimmers,” and may help improve male fertility.

As for women, fitted undies may increase the risk of vaginal yeast infections since bacteria thrive in warm and moist environments. Letting their lady parts breathe by sleeping naked could lead to less friction against the sensitive areas and fewer chances of irritations or complications.

5. Going “au naturel” helps encourage self-love and body positivity.

According to one writer who gave “skinny dipping” in bed a chance, getting a glimpse of her nude self before diving into the sheets made her notice the things that she liked about her body. She added that even if we are naked while taking a bath, we don’t really pay attention to the details of our features. But taking a good look at herself every night helped her appreciate and validate her figure.

Bonus: Here are some tips to remember if you decide to part with your nighties.

  • Invest in good quality bedding, and wash your sheets often.
    It might help to go for breathable fabrics and sheets made from natural materials like cotton. Polyester and synthetic bedding may block the airflow, which defeats the purpose of sleeping naked. And since there’s a more direct transfer of sweat, bacteria, and saliva to the sheets, experts recommend washing your bedding weekly, at a minimum.
  • Keep the room at a cool temperature.
    According to a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, the best bedroom temperature for a comfortable slumber is about 18.3°C (65°F).
  • Take a bath before drifting off to dreamland.
    For those who have cold hands and feet, showering an hour or 2 before bedtime can improve your blood circulation and help regulate your body temperature. Hitting the sack while fresh and clean will also keep your sheets tidy.
  • Get enough sleep.
    You can nod off naked but if you do not log in enough hours of shuteye, then you’re still at risk of having health problems that are caused by lack of sleep.
  • If you’re not ready to go commando, it’s okay to ease in at first.
    You can start by sleeping with fewer layers on, or making the shift from tight-fitting undies to a looser pair. What’s more important is that you feel comfortable, so you can also get better quality sleep.

Is sleeping naked something that you would like to try after reading these points? For those who are already into it, what other benefits of snoozing in the nude can you share with us?


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